Tuesday, August 12, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Exposure by Iris Blaire

Steamy Semesters!

The summer days are dwindling down and soon college campuses across the country will be abuzz with activity once again. Are you ready to go back to school?  You might be after checking out these titles. 

Escape to one of the fictional campuses I’ll be featuring throughout the rest of the month. Your first Sex Ed. course starts at East Park University in California where the topic is exhibitionism and voyeurism. Intrigued? Keep reading…

Exposure (East Park #1) by Iris Blaire

(Grades will be given in lieu of stars for these titles)

The lyrics to J. Geils’s Band Centerfold run through my head as the subscribers of East Park Exposed flip through their pages, staring at their angel cover girl in the flesh, Rylan Willow, wondering if she's the real thing

But sexy Rylan Willow isn’t really Rylan Willow. She’s just Evan Cosette’s “virginal” alter ego for the university’s Playboy-like magazine. Only her best friend and photographer, Brit, as well as the other models know her true identity—a hard-studying biochemistry undergrad. That is until Dallas Whitley comes on the scene.
Dallas, it turns out, is a graduate student/teaching assistant for one of her classes. When Brit pairs them together for a photo shoot, their chemistry is off the charts. In compromising positions in front of the camera, it’s a little hard for him to hide his attraction to her. Color him even more surprised when he discovers her true identity on campus.

Can Evan keep their working relationship separate from their academic affiliations? Can Dallas (who has a girlfriend) keep his hands off Evan when Brit calls a wrap?  Or will the two finally give into their desire in front of the camera?

The premise of this story is quite original, the “drama” is refreshing, and the “love scenes” are creative. (Okay, some of the love scenes aren’t even full sex but they are hot, hot, hot!)  There’s nothing cheesy about it. The characters are real, upbeat, and while they have their struggles (mostly real world struggles like how to pay for college) they don’t have tons of baggage from their past or extreme sexual tendencies. Dallas is simply an average (albeit quite good looking) down-to-earth grad student in a long term (but long ago lost its passion) relationship trying to finance his academic career. He applies to be a male model with the approval and by the suggestion of his girlfriend! Evan is a natural beauty, but she looks like a bookworm co-ed when she’s not in front of the lens. And despite how frequently she undresses for the camera, her real life doesn't generally see much action.

This unique take on a romance story is told by Evan and Dallas’s alternating 1st person POV. Very sexy!

HFN (but no cliffhanger)…a sequel follows. Check back in tomorrow for my review of Dark Frame.

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