Thursday, August 14, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Aberration by Iris Blaire

Aberration (East Park #3) by Iris Blaire

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The third book in the East Park series and the follow up to Dark Frame, Aberration picks up where the email exchange between Brit and Jamie left off. This one is told entirely from Brit’s POV and finds her in Malibu at her parents’ home for the summer. When her editor moves up the release of her erotic novella, which still needs a plotline, shooting has to begin right away. A modern beach house is “offered up” for the local of the shoot this time.

Evan and Dallas as well as Brit’s other closest models are on board for the project and arrive in town. But Brit’s not-so-secret life as an erotica photographer is still a secret with her conservative and naïve parents. How long can Brit play the high society daughter and hide her real self?

Meanwhile, there is also the little issue of Jaime leaving her high and dry in Boston months ago, as well as the accusations of his corporate thieving from her family’s company when he was an intern. There are explanations to be made and secrets to be revealed.

The narration is witty and the author does a good job with the dialogue—as in 
Jaime talks like a guy would. They have some cute, fun, and sexy banter. All of the model characters are likable and are familiar faces from the previous books so it makes the story a light-hearted and fun read this time around. While I'd recommend reading the other books first, there is probably enough background provided to follow this story if you are just now jumping into the series.

As with the previous books, this one also pulls off the kinky scenarios and scenes of exhibitionism and voyeurism without coming off corny or cheesy. The erotic photography angle once again works in this story of twenty-something college graduates and their soft-porn publications.

There is no cliffhanger this time!!! HEA w/an epilogue.
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East Park books #1-3 in the Shut Up and Model for Me collection.
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