Tuesday, August 5, 2014

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Terri Anne Browning

5 Questions with Author Terri Anne Browning

Q1. Are any or all of the rocker characters based off real people you know or met?

A:  Not really based on them. But I do have certain personalities in some of them. Jesse has my husband’s personality for example. And all female characters have a lil of me and some of my dearest friends’ personalities in them. 

Q2. If The Rocker…series got picked up for a movie or cable TV series, what actors/actresses could you envision playing them?

A:  I would rather it were something like a series on HBO actually. A series would do it better justice. Lol. I haven't really thought of everyone of them and who would play them. But a few I've fantasizes about. Like Emma Stone as Emmie. And Ian Somerhalter as Nik. But honestly? I'd rather it be a bunch of no names that get the parts if that happens. Or low key people that haven't been in many things. It would be so much better for me if that would happen. And the music on the show? Bands that are just getting started in the business along with a few artists from my playlists. 

Q3. If you could have a girls’ day out with Emmie and the rest of the girls, where would you go? What would you want to do to have a fun day with them?

A:  We would go to a spa. Just mimosas and girl time away from everything. 

Q4. If you could spend one fantasy night (and by fantasy I mean your husband wouldn’t mind and neither would the respective mates) with any of the Demon’s Wing or OtherWorld members, who would you choose and how would you spend it? (There’s no limit to just one of them either).

A:  Jesse, it would be much like his and Layla's first date. Dinner at some mom and pop place. A lil drinking and live music at a bar and then home. For the real fun. Lol. 

Q5. Word association: In three words describe Axton Cage. In one word describe Dallas Bradshaw.

A:  Axton: cocky, sexy, sweet. Dallas: I don't think that one word would do her justice, but if I had to pick just one.... Badass. 

Thanks Terri!!! 

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