Friday, August 15, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Rocker Who Holds Her by Terri Anne Browning

The Rocker Who Holds Her (The Rocker…Series, Book 5) by Terri Anne Browning
5 Stars

Tabloids Report That Lead Singer Will Steal Your Heart!
The Rocker Who Holds Me introduced us to Ember Jameson and the love of her life, Demon’s Wings lead singer Nik Armstrong.  Now The Rocker Who Holds Her goes back to the early days of the band, treating fans to how it all started. Told almost entirely by Nik’s POV (a few chapters by Emmie), the band’s rise to stardom and early days on the road are finally detailed along with Nik’s perspective on the events from Emmie’s book, and more details of their life that follows.

Some scenes from Emmie’s book reappear, but they are from a fresh perspective and would leave gaps in their love story without them. They are very much necessary if not crucial.  And who doesn’t want to know what was actually going through Nik’s head when he found out about the pregnancy or how in the world he “forgot” his first night with her to begin with. Oh yeah, that scene is sexy and funny all in one. 
“She was barefoot, which was fine with me, but normally in my dreams Emmie came to me in thigh high boots and very little else.”
“She tasted of toothpaste, which might have thrown me off for a moment if I hadn’t been drunk before I’d fallen asleep.”
This is a wonderful companion to the first book rounding out Emmie and Nik’s love story as well as filling in some missing details from Emmie’s story.  All the sweetness, playfulness, and love that Nik and Emmie have for each other is captured here right along with their desperations and insecurities that make them feel real.

This is definitely the book for Nik and Emmie fans (like me!)  Not only can Nik sing but he can tell one sweet bedtime story. All the Nik fans will be swooning as he takes care of baby Mia.
“Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl with a tear streaked face. She had no idea that the boy next door was going to spend the rest of his life loving her…”
 Nik is definitely going to have plenty of panties thrown on stage at him after fans read this. 

How long has Nik been in love with Emmie? How did the boys really get custody of her all those year ago? Can Emmie solve Nik’s insomnia? (This is probably one of my favorite scenes). Will Emmie finally marry Nik?

There are some new tattoos, new reveals about Gabriella Moreitti, and as always a very sweet HEA.
The show's not over yet...

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