Monday, August 25, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: 3:AM Kisses by Addison Moore

On Campus Today at Whitney Briggs University in North Carolina. Take a course in colorful descriptions, euphemisms, and innuendo.  Can you describe anatomy as lively as author Addison Moore?...

3:AM Kisses (3:AM Kisses series) by Addison Moore
(Grades will be given in lieu of stars for these titles)

When Baya Brighton shows up on campus for her first year at Whitney Briggs University, stacks of her father’s books weighing her down like bricks, she isn’t planning on flashing her boobs to hot senior and fellow co-ed Bryson Edwards. (Yes, Baya just modernized the term book-bosomed.) Baya also isn’t expecting that the first campus hottie she lays eyes on is her brother’s best friend, roommate, and fellow man whore.

As if “nipplegate” isn’t embarrassing enough for Baya, she soon discovers the big brother who she always looked up to is the biggest man whore on campus, competing with Bryson for the most notches on the door jam.  Cole is so wrapped up in his own sex marathons that he is blind to the fact that his sister isn’t a kid anymore and treats her…well like a bossy jerk of a big brother who wants her playing with doll houses, not his horny roommate.

Baya is sweet, innocent, and naïve at times.  Left alone to make her own way on campus, it is Bryson that befriends her and helps her out the most. Bryson is cute, flirty, tattooed, tanned, and a little troubled. Or at least he’s carrying around guilt that’s keeping him from accepting a real relationship and falling in love.
“Oh sweetie…if you spent the night in my room there wouldn't be a whole hell of a lot of sleeping going on.” —Bryson
While this may be about Baya’s new college experiences, as a coming of age story Bryson is the one who really finds himself, going from a cocky boy-slut to a caring and committed boyfriend. He finds in Baya the girl that makes him want to give up all his meaningless sexual conquests and the type of girl he’s ready to take home to his family.

Can Baya stand to live with her sex-fiend roommate? Or will she have to lug those books across campus for a new abode?  Can Cole get his tree trunk out of the sorority girls and treat his sister like an adult? Will Bryson get the invite to the "Baya loses her virginity party?" Or will others who don’t want them together keep them apart?  Do these co-eds ever go to class? J

Told via Baya and Bryson’s alternating point of view it is filled with cute euphemisms and colorful metaphors. Baya’s bubbly personality and creative descriptions make the story lively. 
“Bryson Edwards has a beam between his legs. An Olympic sized balance beam, and I half-expect to see an entire string of gymnasts burst into the room with team USA leotards on and break out into a routine over it.” —Baya
While there is some more serious drama towards the climax of the story and a little touch of mystery regarding the details of Bryson’s past, for the most part it’s a fun and light-hearted read. That’s not to say there aren’t some ewww moments in the beginning in regards to Bryson’s extra curricular activities. It takes a little bit for Bryson to clean up his act.  But Baya is patient and smitten with him. The story delivers an HEA with future details about the couple in subsequent books, Winter Kisses, Sugar Kisses, and Whiskey Kisses, featuring their friends, family, and co-eds continue this series.


  1. I LOVE this!!!!!!!! Thanx for the A teach! I hope the other books in the series garner such high marks! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it! Thank you for making me exceptionally happy. :)

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! That's always wonderful to hear. Baya and Bryson are adorable! I definitely wanted to include them as part of my "back-to-school" fictional campus themed reviews. I've read Winter Kisses too and would love to include it in a "Winter Reads" theme I'm toying with for later this year. Would also love to do a Character Interview with the WBU gang at some point if you're interested.