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BOOK REVIEW: The Rocker Who Holds Me by Terri Anne Browning

The Rocker Who Holds Me (The Rocker…Series, Book 1) by Terri Anne Browning
5+ Stars

Welcome to the Demon’s Wings Saga!

The Rocker Who Holds Me kicks off The Rocker…Series with an introduction to the band, Demon’s Wings, via Emmie and her tale of which Demon rocker holds her heart. 

Green eyed, auburn haired, 21 year old Ember Jameson has bonded to the four rocker stars (Nik, Jesse, Drake, and Shane) she tours with who have taken her under their wing as they all share difficult childhoods growing up together in a run down trailer park unbeknownst to their fans. She is their unofficial manager taking care of them as adults much like they took care of her as a child.  Emmie is content being perceived as a “little sister” to all of the guys except one—the one she’s fallen in love with.

But what’s a girl to do when the boy she wants doesn't seem to notice, or so Emmie thinks. And when Emmie’s health takes a turn for the worse, she’s even sicker over telling him what’s wrong. (This scene is one of the best). After many years on tour the band is ready for a break, but are they ready for the changes that are to come in their lives?

Emmie is strong, fiery, and doesn't take crap while being loving, selfless, and sometimes insecure.  The first person POV narrative captures Emmie’s toughness as well as her naivety, which doesn't seem off base when you consider that she has not lived a normal childhood or adolescence.  Abused by her mother and raised on the road by four male rockers from the age of fifteen, Emmie’s not exactly your average twenty-one year old girl.

Emmie’s love story is sweet, sexy, and at times mysterious with her rocker love’s feelings unknown till the later half of the book. And even then when his side of the story is sparce, not to worry. This is only the opening act as her big bad rocker gets his own story in The Rocker Who Holds Her, and in between the rest of the guys get theirs. If you find yourself wondering about something, rest assured it will probably come into play in a later book. The whole series is just deliciously designed that way.

As for Emmie’s story, there is a perfect HEA and no cliffhanger. More details on her new roles with the band follow in the next book and future books. Throughout the series, the band’s back story further develops for the reader as the band members deal with their own demons while finding their true loves. Has Nik finally gotten what he wants? Can Jesse reign in his temper? Will Drake beat his alcohol addiction? And how much kinky stuff is Shane into?

At just over a hundred pages, this is probably shortest of all the stories but it holds my heart and sealed the deal for me on this gang of hard core rockers who really have hearts of gold.  Each book in the series is a complete story with a full ending while at the same time still manages to make the crowd chant for more.   Terri Anne Browning could probably write a 500 page book on these rockers and I’d still be ready for the next installment as there’s always just enough hints dropped to perk your interest in the next title to come.

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