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CHARACTER INTERVIEW: 5 Questions with the Demon's Wings (and Axton) on the Hot Seat!

The Demon's Wings guys and gals from Terri Anne Browning's The Rocker...Series were gracious enough to chat with Book-Bosomed Blog, clear up some lingering questions from their stories, and talk about their family lives. Here's what they had to say...

Q1. First on the hot seat is Emmie. Em—When Nik had “insomnia” during the Australian tour and you gave him massages in his hotel room, did you not realize the “effect” you had on him? Were you just innocently trying to help him as Nik thought or did you have an ulterior motive with the massage oils, ocean music, and nothing on but your t-shirt and panties? Was this an attempt to get him to notice you?  (This scene is such a gem in TRWHH/ “Sleep Aid?”)

Emmie: I won't lie. I was hoping that I would have an affect on him. I wanted to seduce him, but obviously I failed horribly. It wasn't until Nik and I were married that he confessed how wrong I was and how much he ached days afterwards. 

Interviewer pats Emmie on the shoulder and assures her it wasn't failure; she got her sweetie in the end.

Q2. Speaking of said Sweetie, the next question might embarrass Nik although I’m sure he looks cute when he blushes. This actually goes out to the rest of the guys though.  Axton, your voicemail to Nik the night you took Emmie to the hospital revealed that he’d made a few drunken confessions about his feelings before they ever admitted it to each other. (“What’s Wrong With Em?” in TRWHH). So my burning question is, what did Nik say? Who all knew? And did anyone realize that Emmie reciprocated those feelings?

Jesse: It was more than obvious to me that Emmie had feelings for Nik. And I'd always suspected that Nik was in just as deep as she was, if not deeper back then. But he never said anything to me. He was always careful around us when it came to his feelings for Em.

Shane: Yeah, we all pretty much knew how Emmie felt about Nik back then. She tried to hide it, but we've known her since she was five years old, so we've learned her tells pretty well. As for Nik, he was better at hiding it, but I still knew how he felt. Just wished he had gone about it all a little differently.

Drake: I don't remember much from back then. I was more worried about my next bottle of Jack than what was going on around me. But I did know that Emmie was in love with this jackass. But I was clueless about his feelings for Em until he surprised us all with her song.

Axton: I can't tell you about what he said to me on those drunken nights. Guy code. But I will tell you that their were nights that I hated him so much I wanted to just kill him and hide the body so that I could have a chance with Emmie, because I knew that as long as he was around I didn't stand a chance with Em. I'm glad that I didn't follow through or I wouldn't have Dallas

Interviewer thinks that was a smooth move on your part, Axton—“Guy code.”

Q3. *Clears throat* You’re off the hook about Nik, Axton, but now it’s your turn to do some explaining… Ax, Dallas believes that you had sex with Gabriella at a party the first night they met and that when she confronted you, you just laughed it off. (Prologue to TRWWM)  Did you really do that? Was that the old Axton? Or did Dallas misinterpret and you were laughing it off because you wouldn't do that?  Spill the beans on what went down that night.

Axton: I didn't sleep with Gabriella! I've never cheated on Dallas. Never. I laughed it off because the idea of cheating on Dallas even back then was ridiculous. I honestly didn't realize that she was so upset about it until she broke up with me a few months later. My girl is crazy, but I didn't realize she was THAT crazy. How could she possibly think that I would prefer Gabriella over her when I was already so deep that I was blind to any other chick? Maybe you should ask Liam what Gabriella was doing that night... 

Let the record show that Axton is innocent of all charges. Don’t worry Ax, we’ll put Liam on the hot seat after his book. We only singled you out because we love you. *winks innocently at Axton and hopes Dallas doesn’t take it the wrong way ;-)*

Q4. This question is for everyone. If Celebrity Wife Swap made an offer for two couples to appear on the show, who would be willing to participate? And which couples runs the most opposite households since that seems to be how the show likes to pair them up?  

Jesse: The most likely would be Emmie and Lana. Emmie balances work, kids, husband, family and friends like it's nothing. Lana? She's all over the place. Late for everything, can rarely remember anything these days without a list written on the back of her hand, and even then I'm pretty sure she forgets a few things.

Lana: (Glares at her brother-in-law) I have pregnancy brain, asshole.

Shane: I think it would be Layla and Harper. Harper is the career woman. She's the editor of on of the biggest Rock magazines in the world. And Layla is the stay at home super mother. Running after two little gorillas, keeping her house clean and cooking without a housekeeper. Both are awesome at what they do, but would they be able to handle what the other chick does all day long?  

Interviewer suspects that Jesse’s little “gorillas” would keep anyone on their toes.  Although I imagine Emmie could handle anything. Betting Nik would not be keen on doing a swap w/Axton and his wife.

Q5. So we've discussed marriage and households, for the last question let’s talk kids. Who are the stricter parents? Who are the most lax? How would you define your parenting styles and do you give each other advice?

Emmie: We never offer advice unless asked. It's kind of our code. But out of all of us, I think that I'm the strictest mom. I'm not sure what my parenting style is, but we have house rules that everyone has to follow or no special privileges. Time outs are warnings and grounding is something that I'm starting to incorporate now that Mia is getting older.  

Layla: I'm probably the most lax. With Lucy I don't have to worry about her getting into trouble. And the boys? Well, I'm a push over with them because they look and act like their father and I came so close to losing them. It's only been recently that I've started laying down rules and making sure that the boys follow them. 

Lana: I'm kind of a mixture of Emmie and Layla. Not because I'm a pushover with Neveah, but because she always runs to Drake when she wants to get her way and he overthrows whatever I've just done. She's rotten, but she has her daddy wrapped tight around her finger. 

Thanks gang and Terri Anne for sending you all over! Come back with the rest of OtherWorld once they've had a chance to tell their tales.

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