Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Broken at Love by Lyla Payne

We’re spending the day at Whitman University in Florida with two new adult college stories both deserving an A and at a great price.*  Before we leave campus we’ll check in with author Lyla Payne for more details on what’s next for Whitman U.  

Broken at Love (Whitman University Book 1) by Lyla Payne
(Grades will be given in lieu of stars for these titles)

Quinn Rowland is a man scorned. His tennis career is over (a result of an injury), his girlfriend doesn’t think he’s good enough any more, and his family situation has left him with a ton of self loathing.  Down on his luck and feeling sorry for himself, Quinn channels his anger at the females of Whitman University via a bet with his twisted half-brother Sebastian. Through a rouse meeting at each tennis open party, Quinn must bed the selected girl, win her heart, and then dump her. And the score is on his side till Emilie Swanson comes along.

Emilie isn’t buying Quinn’s lines, but she’s also not convinced that there isn’t more substance to Quinn than parties, booze, and women. And when she pushes back, she might just manage to turn the game around on him.

Is Emilie in over her head? Will she let Quinn take her heart and end up broken like him?  Will either of them get the careers they want even when their fathers don’t support them? Or will Quinn succumb to Sebastian’s blackmail? Can Emilie save Quinn from his downward spiral?

Emilie is a strong, level-headed female character. She has guts and doesn't let a bunch of testosterone driven frat boys intimidate her.  For the most part she trusts her gut instincts, and yet at the same time leads with her heart. She’s someone you’d want in your corner as a trusted friend.

Quinn is more complex. He has a ton of issues, treats women like dogs, and yet still manages to ooze sex appeal and be the guy you root for to get his act together. And he needs a girl like Emilie to help him uncover if there is a real prince beneath the prick.

There’s plenty of chemistry, and they have some cute banter.
 “Following your moods is like watching a tennis match. Go away. Sleep with me. Go away. My head’s going to fall off.”
You'll definitely be left wondering 'will they or won’t they,' but the ending is sweet and shows the growth of both characters. Told via Emilie and Quinn’s alternating point of views, there’s the right amount of drama and a slightly sweep you off your feet style HEA. This is book #1 of the Whitman University series but can also be read as a stand-alone. The next book, By Referral Only, features Emilie's roommate, Ruby, who tackles grading the university boy's performances (and we're not talking on the tennis court or on stage).

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