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CELEBRATE: Our 1 Month Birthday!

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3:AM Kisses by Addison Moore
Meet Baya and Bryson as well as the rest of the Whitney Briggs U. crew in the first story in the 3:AM Kisses series. Baya is new on campus and wet behind the ears. Bryson is a campus playboy. But Baya may just be the girl to make him abandon the “bed” (in their case door jam) notches competition he has going on with her brother and commit to one girl. Cute innuendo and colorful descriptions make this a fun and overall light-hearted read. 

Bite & Release by Cory Cyr
Looking for an ornery boy to bite you? Then Shea Michaels is your man! Ryan Chase might be a bit down on her luck but she has the attention and the heart of one Alaskan hot hunk.  It’s bone cold in Fairbanks but their love scenes are hot and sizzling...and plentiful.

Broken at Love by Lyla Payne
Dumped by his girlfriend and with his tennis career shot, Quinn is looking to play a new game and score. But Emilie is more of a challenge than he imagined. In more ways that one. The right amount of drama and a slightly sweep you off your feet style HEA for this college romance. 

Exposure by Iris Blaire
Go behind the scenes of a university “Playboy” photo shoot when East Park co-ed Evan (aka centerfold model Rylan Willow) gets paired with a sexy male model who also happens to be one of her TAs. The premise of this story is quite original, the "drama" is refreshing, and the "love scenes" are creative. (Okay, some of the love scenes aren't even full sex but they are hot, hot, hot!) There's nothing cheesy about it. The characters are real, upbeat, and while they have their struggles (mostly real world struggles like how to pay for college) they don't have tons of baggage from their past or extreme sexual tendencies. A cute, fun, sexy read!

Hard Rock Arrangement (The Lonely Lion Kings #1) by Ava Lore
*Look for the full review coming in September*
Like your males a little alpha? Like your rockers in suits? Then Kent Hudson is your man. The story is funny and keeps the readers on their toes. You think it’s going to go one direction, but then it surprises you and goes another—in a good way. It’s a plot that’s far from predictable. The encounters between Rebecca and Kent are steamy, and the themes of true friendship and standing up for yourself leave you closing the book with a smile on your face. 

Hostage by N.S. Moore
 *Look for the full review and character interview coming September 17th on the blog tour*
She’s the banker’s daughter. He’s robbing the bank. But neither can deny their attraction to each other whether he’s taking her as his hostage or not. Trust me, Code will be your next book boyfriend. Make a date with him for release day, September 10th
*99 cents only for pre-orders.

A Long Goodbye (Southern Comfort Book 1) by Kelly Mooney
Ashton Grace Winslow wants a fun road trip with her BBF LuLu to get away from her controlling politician father. Her father hires ex-soldier, now PI, Dane Woods to follow her. They find love on the road while thinking they are withholding their true identities from each other. A cute, sweet story—one you root for the pair to make it work.

The Rocker Who Holds Me (The Rocker…series #1) by Terri Anne Browning
Meet the Demon’s Wings band via Emmie and her tale of which Demon rocker holds her heart. What’s a girl to do when the boy she wants doesn't seem to notice, or so Emmie thinks? And when Emmie’s health takes a turn for the worse, she’s even sicker over telling him what’s wrong. After many years on tour the band is ready for a break, but are they ready for the changes that are to come in their lives? Sweet, sexy, and the perfect introduction to this page-turning series.

Faster, Harder (Take Me #1) by Colleen Masters
You don’t have to be a racing fan to get a thrill out of this series. Siena Lazio is an Italian-American PR woman working for her brother’s racing team. Sparks fly when, at a bar, she meets Harrison Davies, a sexy British bad boy under-dog of the racing world, although initially she only knows he’s with an opposing team, not the racer. The pair must navigate a private romance since they are on opposite sides and Siena’s brother feels threatened by Harrison, his apparent top competition. Siena is a strong female character who must wrestle with her loyalty to her family and their racing team alongside her strong romantic attraction and growing feeling for Harrison, who is very swoon worthy!

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