Friday, August 1, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Tempt by Cambria Hebert

We’re off to…well an island somewhere between Miami and Puerto Rico. The heat these days is sweltering, or maybe it’s just the temptation felt from Ava and the two men in her dreams in…

Tempt: (Take It Off #3) by Cambria Hebert

4.75 Stars

Crash land onto an island of passion, intrigue, and more dangerous adventure!  

Kate Hudson look-alike Ava Malone has no guy and no job and thus she’s been elected by her family to be the one to honor her late grandmother’s dying wish to have her ashes sprinkled over the ocean.

Tan, tall, sea green eyes, thick unruly hair, and ripped jeans that “hold in everything that’s important” Nash Prescott has been elected by his family to fly Ava from Miami to Puerto Rico.

Nash flies a not-so-stellar private jet, but because their grandmothers were dear friends, Ava reluctantly agrees.  It looks like it’s going to fall out of the sky, and unfortunately (or is it fortunately) for them it does. A storm causes them to crash land on an island where things get a little…Lost.

Enter Duke, a mysterious man also stranded on the island. Now Ava has two horny men to temp her.  Meanwhile, sound of drums in the night, warnings of ‘don’t go on the other side of the island,’ gunshots, and erotic dreams plague Ava. Should she be afraid for her life or of the men in it?

There are plenty of mysterious happening and unknown intentions to keep the pages turning.  How will they be rescued? What or who exactly is on the other side of the island? Is Duke really who he says he is?  Are Ava and Nash just experiencing traumatic bonding or could their feeling for each other survive if and when they are rescued?

Right off the bat, Ava and Nash have cute banter and a growing attraction for each other. Nash becomes a little bit of a hero and a little bit of a protector. It’s hard not to find him swoon-worthy. And who doesn’t love sex on the beach?

The story is told from Ava’s point of view. There is an HEA. And while part of a series, this is a stand alone book.

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