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5 Questions with Author Iris Blaire

Q1. What was your inspiration to write the East Park series?

A.  I read an article a little while back about an erotic magazine at an Ivy League university that was an actual school organization. I thought to myself, "Someone needs to write a book about that!" Then I decided that I would :)

Q2. Can you tell us a little bit about the next set of books?  Will the previous characters be featured or will there be new characters as the main focus?  Will Delilah and Adam ever have their own story?

A.  The new books will focus mostly on new characters, but still feature some of the old characters (specifically Britain, because she's, you know, in charge of everything). Delilah may get her own story. As for Adam being the love interest... well, you'll just have to wait and find out ;)

*Interviewer's note: The East Park Chapters books can be added to your Goodreads list now!*

Q3. Between the three books, we’ve had Dallas, Evan, and Brit’s point of view.  Among them is there one in particular that you favored/enjoyed writing more? 

A.  I'm going to pull the annoying author card and say that I liked them all for different reasons. With Evan, she was so unlike any romance heroines that I've personally read in fiction, and creating her seemed like I was pioneering in a way, which was a lot of fun. Dallas was also fun to write because he was a guy, and kind of vulnerable. I've gotten a lot of positive comments on his authenticity. As for Britain, she was different than Evan in terms of her struggles. ABERRATION gets a little political, and I really enjoyed writing Britain's point of view on issues involving sex, slut shaming, etc., because she was a character who had two faces and had to appear naïve and sexually experienced, given her circumstance.

Q4. So this series has to have some of the most creative “love scenes” (and I put that in quotes because in Exposure Evan and Dallas aren’t even having sex with each other yet and it’s suddenly 100 degrees in the room).  Do you have any favorite scenes?

A.  I love the foreplay the best. In a way, it's even sexier than sex. My two favorite "love scenes" are probably the student/professor shoot in EXPOSUREbecause of it's absolute ridiculousness, and then the three-way make-out scene in DARK FRAME between Britain, Jaime, and Adam. 

Q5. If you had the chance to be one of your characters for a day, would you rather be Evan in front of the camera or Britain behind the scenes?

A.  OH GOD, that's a hard question. I used to act for the stage, so I'd probably be more comfortable in front of the camera. The erotic aspect of it all though? I'd probably look like a doof, but I guess you never know until you try, right?

Thanks Iris! The East Park series is a very original concept and it features such fresh, fun characters. So glad you decided to write it.

All three books are now available in the Shut Up and Model for Me collection.
Tomorrow is the review of Aberration and….a character interview with Evan, Dallas, Britain, and Jaime! 

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