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BOOK REVIEW: The Rocker Who Wants Me by Terri Anne Browning

Brand Spanking New Release!!!
from my favorite rock series...

The Rocker Who Wants Me (The Rocker…Series, Book 7) by Terri Anne Browning

4.5 Stars

What better way to fill your summer bucket list than a rock concert, and you’ll definitely want a backstage pass to watch the climax at the Rock On The Range fest. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Last we left Dallas (in The Rockers' Babies) she swore she was done with Axton Cage from his tattoo of his ex-girlfriend down to his ten inch…well you know. But despite her best efforts a girl can only resist a rock god for so long.  Axton, meanwhile, didn't want to resist his hot little nurse at all. He just needs a way to win her back.

There’s a car accident (not telling who but it transpires in the first chapter), which causes some alterations to the tour buses and a need for a nurse on board. Three months on tour, in close quarters, at nightclubs, and in hotels should provide enough opportunities for Axton to prove his love, but is he prepared to deal with his mother and the new connection Dallas’s family has to his?

If you’ve read the previous books than you no doubt have been waiting to get Axton’s story and learn more about him and the members of his band.  It doesn't take long to discover that the guys of OtherWorld aren't quite so close knit as the Demons nor do they always have each other’s backs so there is plenty of conflict, problems to sort out, and tensions running high. Can Axton hold his band together, play knight in shining armor to one of his young fans, and win the girl back all before the tour is over?

Seventh in The Rocker…Series but the first book for the members of OtherWorld, The Rocker Who Wants Me finally brings Axton and Dallas’s on-again/off-again love affair to the forefront, delivering some hot, hot scenes. You’ll catch some cameos from the Demon’s Wings and find out what has the OtherWorld boys in trouble with Emmie that she has them lining up at attention!

Told from Axton and Dallas’s alternating point of view, their tale delivers lots of page-turning drama (good drama) as we've come to expect from this awesome rock series. There is a phenomenal HEA to complete this story but plenty of tidbits on future ones to leave you wanting more.

Haven’t read The Rocker…Series yet?  Pick up the first book, The Rocker That Holds Me at a great price of 99 cents! 

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