Friday, August 15, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Rockers’ Babies by Terri Anne Browning

Fridays Rock So Let's Kick Off This Friday with a Series of Books that Rock! The Rocker Who Wants Me (#7) is available. Counting down through the series with reviews on each book. If you haven't read them, now's the time to check them out with their amazing updated covers too!

The Rockers’ Babies (The Rocker…Series, Book 6) by Terri Anne Browning
5 Stars

All the gang is together and this installment is filled with excitement

“…why was it so hot?”  Emmie ponders as she starts off the book. Oh Emmie, it’s because you’re surrounded by two bands' worth of hot rockers. Your body temperature would have to always be five degrees warmer than the average girl. :-)

But that’s not really Emmie’s problem. The rocker boys are in Universal Studios, California for the Halloween festivities and Shane’s bachelor party. Yep, you heard that right. It’s a family friendly one though as Layla and Lana waddle through the park pregnant, Mia drips sticky treats on Nik’s head, Shane tries to reign in his queasy stomach with all the blood and gore, and Dallas is face to face with her clown phobia. And that’s all only the beginning.

Pregnancies, births, kidnappings, and weddings. There is joy, there are tears, there are fears, some heart break, and some laugh out loud humor.

Someone is using drugs. Axton must deal with his “bat-shit crazy ex.” Two of the boys must give someone a beat-down. Emmie must do some hiring. There’s a car-jacking and “wedding crashers.”  Oh and amongst all this excitement, each couple has at least one very sexy and erotic scene!

How much trouble can the twins give Layla? Does Emmie have too much on her plate?  Is the producer’s assistant out for Drake?  Will Shane and Harper be able to share in the joy that his fellow bandmates experience?

This one is a total page turner! If you think you are going to get to a stopping point to get a drink or use the potty, forget it! Only a fire will make you put this down. So empty your bladder, grab a snack, drink, and a fan because this book is a must read for fans of the series!

Told from alternating point of views of all the gang, highlighting an ensemble crew, The Rockers’ Babies is filled with so much drama, but drama in a good way. It’s also a great way to bring together all of the Demon Wing members as well as segueway into the lives of the OtherWorld members. 

Next up…Axton Cage!
The Rocker Who Wants Me #7

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