Friday, August 15, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Rocker Who Saviors Me by Terri Anne Browning

The Rocker Who Saviors Me (The Rocker…Series, Book 2) by Terri Anne Browning

5 Stars

The Second Act Heats Up

This second book in The Rocker…Series picks up a few months after where the first book left off (epilogue excluded) with the band settling in California, awaiting the birth of front runner Nik Armstrong’s and his girlfriend Ember Jameson’s baby. 

Seven months pregnant, Emmie’s first order of business in the new house is to hire some help. Well, and deal with a crew of lazy, petulant movers. Pregnancy has just made Emmie tougher. While the first two interviewees run fleeing from the house cowering in disgust, it’s the third applicant that not only isn’t scared away but meets Emmie’s approval and captures Jesee’s heart.  Big, bad, bald Demon’s Wings drummer Jesse Thorton is center stage for this story as he sets his sights on Emmie’s new housekeeper, Layla Daniels.

Analogy time!... Nik and Emmie’s story is to sweet as Jesse and Layla’s story is to hot!  Grab a cold drink and a fan to cool yourselves down during their sex scene.  There is also a nice touch with the development of friendship between Layla and Emmie, especially considering that Emmie’s life until this point has largely been devoid of trustworthy female friends.

Alternating POV between Jesse and Layla along with a chapter by Emmie. Nik and Emmie still have a significant role in this book, even though the focus in on Jesse’s romance with Layla. Guitarist Drake is introduced to Layla’s younger sister Lana, which sets the stage for book 3.

Can Jesse and Layla make a relationship work or will Jesse drive away Emmie’s new best friend and confidant? Will Emmie deliver the baby safely and will Nik and the boys make it to the birth in time?  And can both Jesse and Layla handle the fall out when his connections to her family and her past is revealed?

These big bad rockers are settling down, but they haven’t lost their edge!  Lots of cute scenes again this time that show how devoted the gang is to each other. 

Can Drake conquer his demons?
The Rocker Who Needs Me #3

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