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BOOK REVIEW: Calling Card by Ashley Suzanne

Calling Card by Ashley Suzanne

4 Stars

Dexter MacFadden is a world famous playboy photographer who has no use or interest in women beyond the time it takes to bed them. To keep them at bay after the deed, Dex has devised a little system. He sneaks out after they fall asleep and leaves them his calling card with a number (really a rating) on the back.

Dex has all the details worked out. If they score above a 6 then he may call on them again if he’s back in that city. If they score low and call him, well then they are simply handled by his answering service. He even has a little app for his sex life which he calls FB. It’s not Facebook, but the B does stand for book and the F stands for... you get the picture.

Is Dex an insensitive, cocky man-whore? Oh absolutely. But are his early exploits funny to read and thus you like him despite his flaws?           
“It’s perfectly acceptable to nod your head in agreement, I’m not judging.”
But after years of avoiding confrontation and scandal with his hook-up system and cocky attitude, both finally fail him. Media exposure forces Dex to lie low and he retreats to the only two girls who have ever meant something to him—his one and only ex-girlfriend and her daughter. 

Briar is a former model; the woman who made his career. They have a long history, a former relationship that has resulted in a dear friendship. But once Dex is forced to reexamine his life (his whole life even beyond his sexual shenanigans) he finds that Briar may mean even more to him than he ever realized.

From here the mood of the story shifts a bit. The beginning is humorous and sexy, the middle sweet, and the end a little melancholy so the book takes you on a bit of a ride. Dex must weather the storm of his damaged professional career and public image, investigate his feelings for Briar, and return to his past to be set free of some personal demons.

The narration is witty as Dex is no holds bared with his commentary and descriptions of his sex life.  This book is somewhat unique in that it is told entirely from the male point of view, and while it would have been nice to have some perspective from Briar to get a better feel for her character, this is largely about Dexter’s journey.

It’s a fairly quick read (or maybe it's just that easy to stay engaged with), and I would have ultimately liked to see more to his relationship with Briar and maybe less of his exploits with other women after a certain point. But it's still an engaging story, and there is an HEA, no cliffhanger, and an epilogue that shows just how far Dex has come.

Do you want Dexter to leave you a calling card?  Check him out and score him ;-)
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