Thursday, September 4, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Dirty Little Mistake by Amber Rides

Dirty Little Mistake by Amber Rides

4 Stars

Brenna Cooper has a little problem. It’s growing inside her, and the next-door neighbor who is responsible for it knows nothing about it.  What seemed like passionate sex with a hot guy quickly turned cold the next morning when Breena woke to a ceiling of poster girls and a floor of other chics’ panties.  All she wanted to do was forget it ever happened, but now she must not only face her situation but deliver the news.

Out to win the heart of Ian, the man-whore whose room she woke up in, Breena enlists the help of Ridley James, Ian’s roommate and cousin. But things get even more complicated when Breena, otherwise known as Pancake to Ridley, feels a stronger connection to Ridley than Ian.

Ridley is a sexy book nerd chef. Breena is a pre-school teacher.
“You spend all day finger painting with monkeys. Why wouldn’t you want to come home to an ape like Ian?” —Ridley
Their scenes together are cute and they have some humorous banter. But both Breena and Ridley have difficult pasts that they still struggle with. Oh when Ridley’s story comes out it’s a bit of a tear-jerker. Otherwise, the book is light-hearted and the narrative has fun playing on a theme of mistaken identity.  

Can Ridley keep his feelings in check as he helps Breena get her three dates with his cousin? Can Breena keep her jealousy in check when they double date and she meets the girl Ian set Ridley up with? Will Breena confess her situation to Ian or Ridley first? What led good-girl Breena on her drinking spree in the first place that night?

Told via Breena and Ridley’s alternating point of view, Dirty Little Mistake is part of the Dirty Series but it is a standalone book.

As a tasty bonus, 2 recipes are included.  Ridley’s Strawberry Cream Cheese Turnovers and Breena’s Cookies n’ Cream Cupcakes. Mmmm….what better way to enjoy a HEA than with a sweet treat?

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