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BOOK REVIEW: Love of a Rockstar by Nicole Simone

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This week's spotlight is on Luke from The Five Guys. He's a daddy, and he's got some amends to make to the people he left behind when he went on the road. Check out his story today and tomorrow check out our interview with author Nicole Simone!

On Tour with The Five Guys...

Love of a Rockstar by Nicole Simone

4.5 Stars

Marlene Parker and Luke Anderson were an item from the time she was seventeen till she got pregnant at twenty, him twenty-two, and he left her at nine months to go on the road and make it big.

So when she sees him in the hotel lobby (her place of employment) for the first time he incites in her both love and hate, and she does what any woman scorned and not wanting to face her ex would do…she hides in the bathroom.

But she can’t hide from their past relationship for long. Now four years later, Luke has realized that life on the road is lonely, and he made the biggest mistake of his life walking away.

Told from Marlene’s point of view, I was pulled in from the very beginning. You can feel M’s heartache and her dilemma. She shares a past and a child with Luke, not to mention a still current attraction; but he walked out on her and their daughter and hasn’t seen them since. She also has a new, stable boyfriend in her life that can offer what Luke hasn’t.
“If this were a Nora Roberts movie on Lifetime, this would be the scene when our laughter would peter out and we would realize we loved each other, always and forever. While rain fell down upon us, we’d seal our love with a passionate kiss. Unfortunately, real life was hell of a lot more complicated than a sappy romantic movie.”
On one hand, you want Marlene to tell him “too bad” when he wants back in her and their daughter’s life after abandoning them. On the other hand, it doesn’t take long to realize that Luke is rather sweet and endearing. I didn’t know how Nicole Simone was going to pull it off, but she does. I thought Luke would have to be the world’s biggest louse for walking out on his pregnant girlfriend, but instead Luke turns around to be one of those adorable rocker book boyfriends. “Daddy Luke” and “domestic, dinner cooking Luke” are really sweet and hot.

Both characters are very likable and down to earth. The story a wonderful job of illustrating Marlene’s predicament between following her heart and risking getting broken again vs. choosing the safe and responsible guy who can fulfill her career dream and won’t leave her but who she may never fall in love with. She also has to take into account her daughter and what’s best for Nil. The story is just complicated enough that I think most readers could put themselves in Marlene’s position and realize what a difficult choice it would be to make.

There are confrontations between Luke and Marlene, and I liked how she’d let him have it, but then they’d come back together. It wasn’t a drawn out screaming match which showed how there were still strong feelings of love there. He also didn’t make excuses for what he did, and he accepted his mistakes. I think that helps the reader overlook the magnitude of what Luke did a little bit.

I found the story very engaging and I honestly couldn’t put it down, reading it all in one sitting. I occasionally craved a chapter or two from Luke to get his perspective and maybe a few more loves scenes since there is so much sexual tension brewing between them.

The inclusion of Marlene’s family’s perspectives, particularly the other females in her life, was a nice touch. Her grandmother’s personal tales of love was cute as Marlene has to weigh out what’s best for her while tackling an age old question of what qualities/elements make for the best marriage.

The rock star perspective in this book focuses on the pitfalls of success and being on the road while your family is left behind at home, and it’s an often not written about plot point, but a valid one none the less. This is also a story of making amends and following your heart. The story has touches of humor and a bit of excitement towards the climax. Luke only has four days in town so there’s the lingering question (and suspense) of what’s going to happen/what is he going to do when it’s time to go. However, the story wraps up nicely at the end and where things go from there was firmly implied. HEA. No cliffhanger. Stand-alone novel.

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