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BOOK REVIEW: Hard Rock Arrangement by Ava Lore

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Hard Rock Arrangement (The Lonely Kings #1) by Ava Lore

4.5 Stars

Rebecca Alton is down on her luck and badly in need of a job. An address mix-up for an interview lands her in a once in a lifetime opportunity as a personal assistant for an LA rock band. Only the personal assistant position becomes a babysitting job for a full grown, up-and-coming rock star, and the adult babysitting job become a faux girlfriend role for PR. There is nothing conventional about the interview or the job.
“‛Are you trying to sexually harass me?
‛I am sexually harassing you.'
‛And what do you think you’re going to get out of it?’”
Even sassy (and compulsive cleaning addict) Rebecca isn’t sure what she’s gotten herself into keeping Lonely Kings guitarist and song writer Carter Hudson out of trouble, but she does know that she’s attracted to his brother, bassist and band manager Kent Hudson, from first sight. Kent is moody, bossy, and frustrated. He’s also one hot rocker in a suit.
“I ain’t Jesus. I’m way better in bed.”
What transpires is often funny and keeps the reader on their toes. You think the story is going to go one direction, but then it surprises you and goes another—in a good way. Kudos to Ava Lore for delivering a plot that’s far from predictable. Hard Rock Arrangement avoids cliché rocker tales and trite plot twists. Instead it serves up a cute, fun, and sexy dish of revenge for one very deserving ex while inspiring the band with new material and reminding them what brings them together.

Can Rebecca keep Carter from peeing in public? Can she beat her ex at his own sorted game? And what ends up happening when she’s a star in The Lonely Kings’ music video?

The encounters between Rebecca and Kent are steamy, and the themes of true friendship and standing up for yourself leave you closing the book with a smile on your face. The drama is mainly for fun, not angst. Kent and Rebecca have good chemistry together, and the colorful secondary characters—the other members of the band, wet your appetite for future books in the series. No cliffhanger. HEA/HFN.

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