Tuesday, September 2, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: A Lush Betrayal by Selena Laurence

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This week's featured band is Lush! Meet Joss Jamison and his tumultuous crew today. Tomorrow check out our interview with author Selena Laurence!

On Tour with Lush! Show starts now...

A Lush Betrayal (Lush #1) by Selena Laurence

4.5 Rockin' Stars

27 year old Lush front man Joss Jamison’s life just isn’t going right. His A/C is broke, he’s being showered with thongs thrown at his head, and he can’t get himself out of the funk he’s been in since his big “betrayal.”

Mel DiLorenzo, 24, isn’t fairing much better. She’s been screwed over by her professor (literally) and her graduate career is in jeopardy. Lucky for her, her sister’s fiance is a member of Lush, and Tammy is the unofficial manager. Tammy sets Mel up with a sweet photography gig documenting the famous band for their summer tour. It could be just what she needs to salvage her photojournalism career except two things quickly become apparent—the gig may or may not be so sweet with tensions running high among the band mates and there’s the attraction she feel towards Joss, one that is not sanctioned by her big sister.  Joss meanwhile used to think he was in love with Tammy, but one night that still haunts him and one look at her sister later, and Joss has a new set of feelings to face.

This is a very well written rock band story that not only follows the pairing (through alternating 1st person POV) of Mel and Joss, but also the woes of the band after years of touring, fame, and problems of substance abuse have taken their toll.

Joss Jamison is the gem of the book as the lead singer with a tortured soul, tired of notoriety and full of self-loathing after a one night hook up with his best friend’s girlfriend while Walsh was in rehab. Joss, struggling to come to terms with his betrayal, soon discovers that Mel is a new light to his darkened world of guilt and loneliness. But the secret of his and Tammy’s indiscretion looms over their heads. Meanwhile, Mel has her own embarrassing baggage.

I really felt bad for the way Joss absorbed way more of the blame than Tammy and yet it took two to tango. Tammy was most definitely not my favorite person. I also felt there had to be more flaws in Tammy and Walsh’s relationship (that Joss viewed as so perfect) which first lead Walsh to drink and then Tammy to stray. But Walsh and Tammy get their own story in the sequel, For the Love of a Lush.

Can Joss and Mel attempt a relationship without causing further conflict and turmoil among the band?  How will Joss react when he learns Mel’s secret? Will Mel get caught in the crossfire when Joss and Tammy’s secret is exposed?

A Lush Betrayal has a well developed and well paced plot, solid characterization, no cliffhanger, and a HEA. There is plenty of sexual tension between Joss and Mel, and Joss definitely rocks the sexy factor:
Welcome to rock and roll, baby.’ I say as I grab her by the wrists, pull them above her head, and plunge inside of her.”  

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