Saturday, September 20, 2014

COVER REVEAL: Until I Break By HL Lis

Published by SatinPaperback
Release Date:  Sept. 26th

Izzabella “Izzy” is a girl fleeing her past to find a future free from what haunts her. Most of her anger, hurt and betrayal comes in the form of a man. Not just any man, this man has connections and will never stop looking for her.  He loves her the only way he knows how. It’s the how; that hurts the most. Leaving behind what life she knew would have been easy if not for her best friend. A best friend who happens to hold the key that could destroy her.

 Moving West Izzy found a fresh start in the state of Washington.  Finding a quiet place to call home. Planting flowers in her yard one day, Izzy meets a sweet little girl walking home from school. Eve took a liking to the Izzy immediately, not having much of a mother of her own the little girl is drawn to her. Enter in Eve’s father who happens to ride up on his bike one day to meet his new neighbor who his little girl won’t stop talking about. Coming face to face, Brax is caught by surprise as this spitfire of a woman takes his breath away. Izzy after losing so much and on the run in some ways is weak in the knees looking into the eyes of this stunningly hot man.

Wanting to know more about this feisty woman Brax helps her out by giving her a job. She reluctantly agrees. Their instant chemistry is off the charts, unable to stop what they both desperately want. One another.

The story unravels seemingly fast, just as they give into their temptation for each other they find themselves being pulled apart.

Brax has a past of his own, one who is threatened by the mere presence of Izzy. Father and daughter both falling for the new girl in town, their happiness comes at a price.  It’s his past that holds the missing link for Izzy’s worst nightmare to catch up to her.

A whirlwind romance, filled with betrayal and regrets. When Izzy’s past confronts her future, who will survive. Lies will be told; secrets will be revealed. Shocking details about Izzy’s past will come to surface. 

Can a past with so much pain and a future with so much promise be enough for Izzy to break free? Her fun loving feisty self brings out the fierce need in Brax to protect what he wants.  A story like no other, this one will leave you wanting more.

Heidi’s nightly routine of reading steamrolled her into becoming an avid reader. Years of obsessing on her favorite reads her secret desire to let the storyteller within herself come to life has now become her reality. With the love and support of her family, she is teaching her children how important it is to follow their dreams. Heidi’s passionate and loving style in which she lives her life comes through in her writing. She has multiple books lined up to be published in her author name HL LIS.

Her heart has led her down the genre path of a contemporary and suspense romance writer, but she has plans to extend her vision into other genres as well.

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