Sunday, October 12, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden

Having initially read some time ago, I'd forgotten about this book till the topic of hot but geeky men came up in a book group, and then instantly it came to mind! So if you are looking for a story to make your Sunday more sexy, this nerdy Dom is one to check out... 

The Theory of Attraction (The Science of Temptation #1) by Delphine Dryden

4 Stars

What if instead of a being a dashing, enigmatic billionaire, Christian Grey would have been a socially awkward lab geek?  You might not have swooned over him, but I bet you’re still intrigued.

The Theory of Attraction is the story of one brainy, obsessive compulsive Dom and his down-to-earth Sub. It’s a rather unique take on the Dom/Sub characters.

Camilla Novak has had her eye on her nerdy neighbor, 29 year old astrophysicist Dr. Ivan Reynolds, for two years. Camilla isn’t exactly Anastasia Steele; she isn't naive and virginal. Instead she is an average 28 year old social anthropologist who sees past Ivan's awkwardness and agrees to help him with some social etiquette lessons in order to advance in his career. Ivan may be a sexual dominant but he is vulnerable in other ways. 

In a type of lesson exchange, Ivan introduces Camilla into his BDSM sex style. Like the regimented scientist professor that Ivan is, he approaches sex much like a science experiment, seeing it as a process of observer/subject, control/variable, exploring the body's unique relationship between pleasure and pain.

Told from her POV, Camilla expands her sexual horizons, while Ivan becomes more comfortable in social situations as well as more flexible with altering his rigid daily routines.
“Of all the possible outcomes I might have predicted for our little field trip, this was not one of them. Not in my wildest dreams. But I was beginning to think my dreams had not been nearly wild enough.” — Camilla
While there are frequent sex scenes once the couple first hooks up, there is more to the story than simply the physical. Camilla and Ivan very much have a relationship outside of the bedroom; first as friendship and then as something more. Actually, their friendship and budding romance was one of the endearing aspects of their relationship. And while in the bedroom, he is the Dom and she the Sub, in most other aspects she is the one teaching Ivan and helping him grow/evolve. 
“I wanted to see him feeling things. I wanted to see him have feelings so strong he couldn’t hide from them. Couldn’t control his reactions. I wanted to make Ivan Reynolds completely lose his shit. Baring that, I would settle for Ivan making me completely lose my shit, which seemed a lot more likely.” — Camilla
Overall, it's quite sweet story, an easy and hot little read. The Theory of Attraction is first in the stand-alone The Science of Temptation series. The Seduction Hypothesis and The Principle of Desire are also available. 

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