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BLOG TOUR: Just for the Summer by Danielle Jamie

Chase Kenzington loves two things: fast cars and women. At twenty-one, he has the entire world at his feet. With his father being Hank Kenzington, who is one of the best drivers in the Sprint Cup Series and his grandfather, Arnold Kenzington, a legend in Nascar, he's used to getting whatever he wants when he wants it.

When he and his friends decide to spend the summer at his father’s beach house in Myrtle Beach, he expects to spend it throwing parties on the beach and finding hot girls to hook up with. The last thing on his mind is finding a girl who’ll make him re-think everything.

Ashlynn Myers, along with a few sorority sisters, is heading to Myrtle Beach for four weeks of fun in the sun. The last thing she expects is to meet a guy while on vacation who will make her fall fast and hard before she even knows what hit her. When she meets Chase the chemistry between them is undeniable. The thing about summer and summer romances is that they both come with expiration dates. After summer ends you have to part ways and go back to your everyday lives.

What do you do when you think you’ve found your soulmate but you’re separated by hundreds of miles? Will Ashlynn and Chase be able to walk away from their summer fling and never look back, pretending that what they had for one month over the summer was nothing more than a hot summer hook-up?

Book Review: Just for the Summer (A Chasing Carolina Novella 0.5) by Danielle Jamie
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4.25 Stars

Ashlynn Myers and her three college friends from Georgia rent a beach house in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the month of July after their sophomore year. Upon arrival they find that their rental has gorgeous views that extend beyond the beach—namely their three hot neighbor guys.

Chase Kenzington is a recent college grad from North Carolina about to embark on his family legacy of race car driving in the Fall. He’s a playboy, no strings-attached type guy. But Ashlynn catches his eye from the start, and there’s definitely some insta-love going on. But with an expiration date on their time together, neither can afford to get serious, especially considering Chase generally beds them and leaves them.

This novella is sweet, fun, and filled with all the elements of a young, summer fling at the beach.  Ashlynn is a pretty likable character with her head on her shoulders. She knows she’s falling for Chase, but she also realizes that at the end of July their time is up. Chase was pretty sexy, though there were a few times he irritated me with his sleeping with other girls excuses of “being a guy.” But overall, he’s quite a catch (gorgeous, rich, and adventurous).

Since it’s a novella, the story isn’t long or in-depth, but the “new adult” age is captured well. Chase must negotiate his way through his first real relationship; Ashlynn is wrestling with issues she has from her last boyfriend. There is young love, intense attraction, carefree times, jealously, heart-break, and some immature moves.

Told via Ashlynn and Chase’s alternating point of views, their bedroom scene was hot, and they were a cute couple to root for a way to make it work. 
“‛It’s a beast in the bedroom, baby so there’s no better name for it. …’” —Chase
Yes, “The Beast” is exactly what you think it is!
Just for the Summer is a prequel in the A Chasing Carolina series so the end, while about a year later, is more of a HFN as Ashlynn and Chase are still dealing with having lives in separate locations.  There is no cliffhanger but it certainly leaves you wanting to know where their love story is going to go.

Find out what is coming out next in the series in our interview with author Danielle Jamie....

Author Interview: 5 Questions with Danielle Jamie

Q1. How did you get started writing? What is your writing process like? 

A. I've loved reading my whole life and in high school I started writing a book but never finished it. I kept thinking I would never be able to become an author because I knew how hard it'd be shopping around publishing houses with manuscripts so I went to college and majored in education. After I had my 2nd daughter I started running an online boutique and working from home because teaching assistant jobs in my area are hard to find. One day in 2013 when my son was only like 3 months old and both girls were at school and I'd just finished reading Abbi Glines Too Far, I thought I should try to write again. I'd heard Abbi was a self published author and not long after I read her book Atria signed her. I asked around some of the bloggers I'd become friends with thanks to my obsession with reading once again after reading Fifty Shades of Grey, and they pointed me into the direction of Amazon, B&N, etc., self publishing. I had NO IDEA what I was doing and thankfully I read The Edge Of Never by JA Redmerski.  She was so nice and walked me through making a Goodreads profile, etc., getting myself ready to venture into the author world! I took a chance and wrote a book with characters and a story line I would love to read or see as a TV show and published it. From there it just took off.  Now I just finished my 8th novel! My process is simple. I think of story theme, characters, and where I want the story to begin and end. Everything in between just comes to me as I write.

Q2.  What do you enjoy most about writing in the new adult genre? What do you feel are the benefits and challenges?

A. I love writing characters myself and so many readers can relate to. They're close in age to me and experiencing similar struggles I am and so many readers are. I write real characters, and I think that is why so many people love my books because they are able to connect easily as they read.

Benefits are this is a popular growing genre with tons of new readers discovering it every day. So many out grow YA and don't feel old enough to connect with just the Contemporary genre since its so wide based. With New Adult it’s smack dab in the middle with characters’ college years to late twenties like the readers of the genre. The challenge is it is growing in popularity with readers and authors so it’s harder and harder to do well as an author because you have so many amazing books in the same genre releasing all the time.

Q3. What was your inspiration for Just for the Summer and the characters? Are they purely fictional or based on anyone real? 

A. My inspiration was my summers I spent at the beach in my home town. I worked there every summer and had my fair share of summer flings. I love NASCAR; my husband and I are huge fans and love attending the races. I wanted to blend the two together with a young, fun, and sexy vibe to the story. The character Chase was inspired by Dale Earnhardt Jr but with looks of country singer Chase Rice. 

Q4. Tell us a little about your Savannah Series, and how it compares with the new A Chasing Carolina series? 

A. Savannah Series is an erotic romance series of novels with a lot more sex in them compared to Just For The Summer which was more New Adult with very little sex more story. 

Q5. What can readers expect next in the A Chasing Carolina series? Will all the books be focused on Ashlynn and Chase or will their friends be the focus of books in the series as well? Becca and Parker going to cross paths again?

A. A Chasing Carolina will be similar to Savannah being a Contemporary Romance with more sex because the book will jump to present time. When we met Ashlynn she was 19 and Chase was 22. Now she'll be 23 and Chase will be 26 in 2014. I am excited to show their struggles of life and showing readers what has happened over the yrs since we saw them in 2011 and what is in store for them in the present. Parker and Becca are getting a book of their own but we will see them in Ashlynn an Chase's two books.

Thanks Danielle! Looking forward to the rest of the series!

About Danielle Jamie
Bestselling author of the Savannah Series. I published my first novel Irresistible Desire last March, and since then it's been whirlwind year! I love my die hard fans #KaydensAngels!

I'm 29yrs old and the mother of three gorgeous children ranging in the ages of 11, 6 and 3. I also run Bailey Boopers Boutique full time along with writing. I love to stay busy!! I love traveling and the beach, so I'm excited to mix the two when I travel to FL, TX, AL, NC, CA..etc. throughout the year meeting my kick ass fans!!

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