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BOOK REVIEW: Rock Me: Crazy by Arabella Quinn

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Rock Me: Crazy by Arabella Quinn

4.25 Stars 
“I became a big fan of Cold Fusion, because let’s face it, I had kissed Tommy Eriksen and had called Tyler Matthews a dickwad to his face. That was my closest brush with fame ever. And their music was very catchy.”
A night out at a club with her more adventurous friend lands Olivia (otherwise known as Livvy or “Crazy”) in the unknowing presence of Cold Fusion drummer Tommy Eriksen.

Tommy finds himself amused, going along with the charade that he’s just an average, even unemployed, guy. In fact, he might even like Livvy a little more for not being star struck. But Tommy can only play the average guy for so long and when the truth comes out Livvy must decide if she can handle Tommy’s extraordinary lifestyle.

Tommy and Livy are cute, funny, and steamy together. Tommy is easy going and laid back. Livy is sweet, patient, and enthusiastic. She's also quirky and down-to-earth all at the same time. When she finds herself falling for him, she approaches their friends with benefits relationship with a mix of “hard to get” and “adventurous sex partner.” The result is a mix of sexy and humorous.  Livy is definitely Tommy’s match as she keeps him on his toes and often turns the tables on him.

There’s plenty of laugh out loud parts. The scene w/the handcuffs is hot and amusing, and boy was Tommy a good sport.  He also has some persuasive ways of getting her to say the “F” word.  If you want a fun and steamy, light-hearted afternoon read, this one is for you.

As with the other books in the series, the point of view switches from Livvy in the first person to third person for Tommy so there’s a touch of distance to his perspective. I would have preferred standard alternating first person, but it’s still an enjoyable, sexy story.  

This is book #3 in the series, occurring time wise in the middle of Rock Me Naughty but before Rock Me Sexy.  But it’s a stand alone book as the other band members play minor roles and their stories are not really woven into this one.

Find out how far Livvy’s willing to take the kink to keep Tommy interested…Or will he want something more? 
“That sounds really hot, Crazy. Why don’t you show me how you do it?” —Tommy

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