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BOOK REVIEW: Rock Me: Naughty by Arabella Quinn

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Rock Me: Naughty by Arabella Quinn
 4.25 Stars                                                      
“Once you felt it, it was as addictive as a hard-core drug. And if you felt it for the wrong person, it could be destructive and harmful, because of the sheer power it held over you.”
That’s how Cold Fusion guitarist Nick Hudson describes that “spark” you feel for someone, that often impossible to duplicate feeling for someone special—the one that holds your heart prisoner. In this instance Nick is talking about his feelings for his step-sister Allison, his forbidden fruit.  But the societal frowned upon romance between step-siblings aside, romance readers should be able to relate to the concept of loving someone who for all intents and purposes just doesn't seem like someone you should be with.

When the book opens, Allie is taking in Cold Fusion shows while they are playing in her area. A situation gone bad with her boyfriend has Nick comforting her and the attraction they’ve always felt for each other is too hard to deny. They give into it, Nick not knowing Allie true lack of experience, and as a result he’s soon proclaiming the whole encounter a mistake and fleeing to put distance between them.

Forward a few months later and Allie is back at their parents’ home for Thanksgiving and to help care for her injured step-mother, Nick’s mom.  Though he now has a girlfriend in an attempt to get over Allie and he feels that nothing can come of their feelings for each other, Nick still returns home. And that’s when things heat up. 
“When we’re in private, I’m going to be doing such incredibly naughty things to you.” —Nick
Nick and Allie are hot together! And did I mention that Nick is quite talented? They have amazing chemistry and their love scenes rock. And before their family connections becomes a turn-off, know that Nick and Allie did not grow up together and only lived a few teenage years together in the same house before Nick went off with the band. Also, their family isn’t crazy about Nick’s career choice and Nick’s mother treats Allie crappy. This is not a happy, functional family.

There is drama with Nick’s girlfriend, Marissa, who has her own agendas with Nick and the band. The plot is good and climax is page-turning. I enjoyed how Allie became a strong character. She definitely grew and gained a better understanding of love.  
“Once you feel it, it’s hard to live without it. Why would you want to?” —Nick
I absolutely loved the band mates reactions at the end. Each was unique, humorous, and helped lend insight into the various personalities of the fellow members while wrapping up the reactions to the fall out.

The only drawback for the story for me was the voice. It switches back and forth from 1st person (Allie’s perspective) to third person to get Nick and everyone else’s thoughts. It can be a little distracting when the point of view changes, and it would have been nice to hear from Nick directly.

All in all, who can resist a rocker story filled with forbidden love, hot love scenes, some tense moments, sex, lies, and video tape?

This is Book #2 in this series but each book can be read as a stand-alone as the timelines overlap. Up next Rock Me: Crazy.

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