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BOOK REVIEW: Private North by Tess Oliver

Private North by Tess Oliver

5 Stars

When college student August “Auggie” Stonefield’s dreams of gingerbread houses and a traditional Christmas are slashed by her family’s change of plans to spend the holidays in Europe, Auggie accepts Professor’s North’s student job offer to catalog some ancient artifacts. Though the perk of the job should be Professor North’s graduate student son, Ethan, who will also be working on the project, it’s on the road to her new winter vacation plans that Auggie quickly discovers that the other North son, Private Dalton North, is far more mesmerizing. 
“I peered up at Ethan North. He was incredibly perfect and the type of guy any girl could hand her heart over to, but the North who’d just left the room, weary and broken from war, was the North who could reach inside and take a girl’s heart hostage forever.”
Dalton is one of those broken heroes. An injured soldier, he’s intense, a little moody, and still fighting his inner battles and survivor’s guilt. Auggie is a smart, strong, and sensible female character. The two have chemistry that oozes off the page. The scenes are written in a way that make seemingly every day interactions between them feel fueled with longing. 
“I stood on my toes and lowered my mouth to his skin. He sucked in a sharp breath as I pressed my lips to the scars. I kissed him over and over again wanting to absorb the pain that still clung to him physically and mentally.”
A story that blends fire and ice, their simmering heat is contrasted against the winter atmosphere. Tess Oliver does a good job with the setting, capturing the cold, icy landscape and slightly remote location to enhance the feelings of loneliness, isolation, and desperation that the various characters sustain.

Meanwhile, there is an aspect of mystery as to what is going on with the precious artifact Professor North is holding; and the story, told from Auggie’s POV, is crafted in such a way that the intentions and motivations of all of the North men keep you guessing at one time or another. Private North is most definitely an afternoon page-turner. 

Is Dalton too broken to be healed? Is there more to Thomas North than an easy going professor? What does Ethan know about the artifacts? Can Auggie trust any of the North men?

The ending resolves all of the main plot points, although I’ll admit to wanting more of Auggie and Dalton and what their future holds. They are certainly on my list of favorite book couples as they are both likeable characters. A suspenseful romance that lingers with you in a good way, pick up a copy of Private North....  


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