Thursday, April 7, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Things Liars Fake by Sara Ney

Series#ThreeLittleLies #3
What if…

Someone you barely knew asked you for a favor.

What if…

They needed you to be something you weren’t, in exchange for nothing. Unless you count a mouth full of lies and a half-broken heart. Faker. Pretender. Liar. There are worse things to be called.

So would you do it? Would you?

Daphne Winthrop did.

And you’re about to find out what happens in the end.

~Book Review~
4.5 Stars

Book 3 in the #threelittlelies novella series features Tabitha’s friend, Daphne Winthrop, and Collin’s friend, Dexter Ryan.

Daphne is outgoing; Dexter is the quiet, nerdy type. Adorkable is how Daphne describes him and it’s a perfect new adjective.

Like the previous books, the story is sweet, low angst, and told via dual first person point of view. I love how these books are all about the romance between two people who find the right one and avoid all the unnecessary drama with OW/OM that only pollutes a good love story. The characters have integrity and there’s always some real swoon worthy moments.
“I hesitate, pulling back; wanting to remember this moment forever, certain that this will be my last first kiss.”
There’s always a touch of humor to these stories and this time around it’s served up in the form of Dexter’s twin sisters. They were a great addition and played an adorable role.
“‘Okay tiny Godfathers, bring it down a notch. This isn’t the mob.’”
I’m a little bummed that this is the last book in the series. Three little lies doesn’t seem like nearly enough. I’d love to see a story between Grey and Cal’s college roommates as well as more from Grey and Cal who remain my favorite. Here’s hoping there’s more lies to tell in the future.  

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