Saturday, April 9, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Push the Envelope by Rochelle Paige

Alexa is just your average college junior, attending classes and piloting Mile High Club charter flights. Boys haven't been on her radar for a couple years after a disastrous breakup with her high school sweetheart. Her plans to focus on school hit a bit of a snag when she meets bad-boy Drake Bennett and he sets his sights on making her his own. 

Drake transferred to Blythe College for the rugby team, not for a new assortment of college girls. He's sexy and cocky, and he attracts women like moths to a flame. When he meets Alexa, Drake knows he's met his match. She tries to resist him, but Drake isn't used to taking no for an answer.

~Book Review~
4.25 Stars

Alexa Hewett, 20, attends Blythe College while logging extra flight hours for her father’s business. Drake Bennett, 21, has recently transferred to Blythe to play for their rugby team.  Their paths cross a few times before they truly meet and then things really take off.

Having had a bad experience in her last relationship, Alexa is a little reluctant to get involved in something serious. Drake sees what he wants and goes after it.  And he’s determined to make her his girl even if they have to take it slow.

While Drake has a few over the top possessive alpha moments along with insta love, for the most part he was a great catch.  I loved how his eyes never strayed and how devoted he was to her. Alexa had a few hot/cold moments that I couldn’t get on board with but otherwise she was a likable character.  

The best part of this book is watching the romance develop between the two main characters—their dates, their growing attraction, their private moments. Too often “romance” books skimp on these parts but that doesn’t happen here. And when the duo take things to the next level, it’s definitely hot.
“‘I need to watch you fly apart for me again.’”
The story is largely told via Alexa’s first person point of view with just the epilogue told by Drake. It would have been nice to have had more sections also told by him.

There’s some mild OW/OM drama but both characters handled it well and stayed true to their feelings. That was so refreshing. All in all, an enjoyable steamy new adult romance.


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