Saturday, April 16, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Revenge With My Ex-Best Friend's Dad by Alexa Banger


Lindsay Danes has it all. Straight-A student, star athlete, smoking hot boyfriend. 

But when she walks in on her best friend hooking up with her boyfriend at a party, her perfect life is shattered. 

Now she wants revenge, and what better way to get it than with the one man she’s always wanted but could never have? Mr. Jacobs is her best friend’s dad, and totally off-limits. Or at least he was. With the friendship irretrievably broken, Lindsay is determined to do whatever it takes to convince her best friend’s father to be her first—and to do it in her best friend’s bed!

~Book Review~
4 Stars 

I think the blurb on this one pretty much explains it all. Lindsay catches her best friend, Melissa, with her boyfriend and in turn sets her sights on Melissa’s dad, who she already had a crush on.

I liked that Lindsay wasn’t presented as a weak female who fell apart when her best friend betrayed her. She is a cute, spunky character:
“‘Don’t apologize Mr. Jacobs. It looks super sexy.’”
What Melissa did was totally unacceptable so I was rooting Lindsay on as she enacted her revenge, and what better way to get it. Of course, Lindsay gets more than just revenge ;-)

I don’t generally read these short stories, but it was free at time of purchase and the premise intriguing enough to 1-click. That being said the main reason I don’t read these shorts is the lack of development, and I’ll be honest, I really wish this would have been developed further because I think it has potential with two likeable characters and I’d love to see how it played out further. The ending was definitely lacking what seemed like a critical 'reaction' in the story.  

Obviously it’s a hot, detailed, dirty read though.
“It’s hard to believe how long it’s been since he’s done it. It must be like riding a bike—once you learn how, you never forget—because he’s going down on me like a pro.”
End of my smut break, back to my regular TBR pile… 

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