Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Christmas Blitz by Amy L Gale


Small town real estate agent Holly Clifford is counting the seconds until she pays off the debt incurred from caring for her sick mother and can move out of Hilldale Vermont forever. After forfeiting her college scholarship to Eastern University Law School to be at her mother’s side, she obtained her real estate license and took a position at Trust Reality. NICK SHAW is on the path to victory. As a high school football hero turned rookie star wide receiver of the newest NFL team, the Iowa Talons, success is all he knows. But sometimes there’s things fame and money can’t buy. When Nick returns to Hilldale, he puts on offer on a lakeside mansion up for sale by Trust Reality and turns Holly’s life upside down. Can she stay on track and resist Nick’s charm or will she blitzed by Hilldale’s football hero this Christmas?

~Book Review~
2.5 Stars

Holly Clifford is a slightly down on her luck, stuck in a small town realtor who dreams of moving away and finally getting her college degree. Nick Shaw is the town’s golden boy, a successful pro football player, in town for the holidays. 

This story started out cute and with potential for a feel-good holiday read. Nick seemed like a great catch and a perfect guy. Told via Holly’s first person POV, Nick was possibly a little too perfect, to the point of feeling a little flat since the reader never has the opportunity to get inside his head. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of push and pull in this novella. To the point that Holly was starting to get on my nerves. And then Nick handles a situation poorly and, well, I started thinking Holly might be right about them. Or at the very least, Nick really needed to man up and fix his big faux pas. 

I closed the story feeling like important issues were still unresolved, not to mention that Nick didn’t really ever seem to get to know the Holly the reader does. The ending is very abrupt, and it’s definitely a HFN instead of a HEA. Honestly, it’s more like a ‘Happy in the Moment’ ending considering how much Holly changed her mind throughout the story. 

Overall, 3 Stars for the premise; 2 stars for the ending. And as for the holiday naughtiness factor…well aside from one scene, it’s was rather lacking.  😩

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