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Book-Bosomed Book Blog's Best of 2016

Want to know a little secret?... I loathe fan-girl reviews. They don't provide any kind of constructive criticism from which the writer might grow; they're rarely ever truly helpful to other readers; and I quickly dismiss them whenever I encounter them. But once a year I indulge in them! I mean I make up this list and gush, "OMG! You have to read these books! They are awesome!" But I do truly mean it, and because I did originally write honest, unbiased reviews for them, I don't feel so bad giving them a little extra praise at this time of year meant for giving.  And I hope these shout-outs help readers discover some titles that they might have missed throughout the year. 

Confession #2: This list is always a challenge to make. With a year’s worth of books, it’s often hard to decide which ones will make the cut. Sadly, this year I think I’ve had more DNF titles than ever before.  But sometimes you’ve got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince or princes! 💋 To find yours, keep reading. I promise you one thing, you will find more book boyfriends than books. 😉 I think this is the most eclectic contemporary romance list I've made yet. There's a reason why I called it "Top Page Turning Titles of 2016." While I can't promise the content is right for everyone, I can say that you'll find gritty; you'll find gripping; you'll find humor; you'll find sweet and sexy; and you'll find down and dirty! What more could you ask for? 😀

Happy Holidays & Happy Reading Everyone!

Target on Our Backs by J.M. Darhower

“‘Places to go.
People to see.
Blood to spill.
You know how it is.’”
When Karissa Reed met the mysterious and enigmatic Ignazio Vitale, her life was never the same. Naz knows Karissa better than she knows herself, and now they're both sucked into a world where revenge knows no bounds. 

My favorite bad man was back this year for a third installment in the Monster in His Eyes series! The previous titles made the list in 2014, and if you haven't read them, I can't recommend them enough. For a gripping, dark, romantic suspense that will keep you turning pages, follow the twisted, so-not-your-ordinary romance of Karissa and Naz. 

#myfavoritebadman #Naz&Karissa4Ever 

The Most Wanted by Annika Martin

“‘This is how we express our love for each other, and if anybody wants to act like it’s wrong, I will fuck them up.’”
She was just a small town girl working at a bank. They were the robbers that took her hostage. Now they're the infamous god pack, from heists to hot tubs!

I was a little late to the game with this series otherwise I'm sure the previous titles would have made the list before. This is the fourth installment in another must-read series. It's lighthearted, humorous, and full of kinky fun. Why have one hot man when you can have three? The more the merrier, and the merrier you'll be if this series is on your wish list. 

#takemehostage #godpackrules

My Personal Bad Boy by Bethany James

“…I survived the Wesosuarus Cock…”
Nicole wanted to live a little, have some new adventures. Wes was the bad boy who answered her ad. It's a wild ride from there, and you're guaranteed to get off! 😉

Holy hotness, this is vying for the title of My Dirtiest Read. It's one kinky adventure after the next, and I couldn't wait for Wes to call any more than Nicole could. It's naughty and nice. Or is that nice and naughty? Hmm, well either way if you're looking for a dirty indulgence to ring in the new year than look no further than this no holds barred, low angst, erotic romance.
#filthydirtyfun   #Nice-n-Naughty

Fall With Me by Jayne Frost

“I’d grown to believe she was my air. The fact I couldn’t breathe without her proved the hypothesis.”

Mel wasn't looking for a rock star in a library. Christian wasn't looking for love in a burger joint. But two unconventional meetings and there's no denying their spark. 🎸

I can be a sucker for rock star romances, but they'e got to be sexy & sweet! And this novella series completely delivers in that department, packing in steamy encounters with swoon-worthy musicians as the hero and heroine experience a journey of not just love, but life as well.

Double Team by Sabrina Paige

“‘But you’re mine. I mean ours. And we are going to take every inch of you.’”
Life isn't always easy when you're the president's daughter. And it's downright hard when you have have two bad ass ball players next door.

So I'm clueless when it comes to sports, and the great news is that you don't have to know a thing about football to adore this erotic sports romantic comedy. In fact, a little appreciation of anatomy would probably serve you better when it comes to this hilarious, put a smile on your face and a wet spot in your panties read. Still holding onto your menage reading cherry? Then it's time to pop it by 1-clicking this one!


Want More? 
Try these stand outs in their categories.... 
📚Second Chance Romance
Sketch by Laramie Briscoe
“Her juices are coating the head of my cock, and I’m leaking everywhere. Together we’re straining trying to come to the end of this ride, even though neither one of us knows where it’s going to lead us.” 
Tattoo artist Sketch and his wife Nina's marriage is on the rocks, but if they can both find themselves in time, they might just come through with a stronger marriage rather than a divorce. 

This is a MUST READ for anyone in a relationship or anyone that wants to be in a relationship. The lessons and messages in this story are so important to life and love. 

📚Opposites Attract Romance
The Stars in the Sky by Leslie McAdam
Book Review
“‘I don’t know whether to spank you or fuck you for this.’”
Will and Marie couldn't be more different on the surface. But once they take the time to get to know each other, they find out they both have a lot more going on. 

Fun and sexy! Even if you can't stand another minute of US politics, this story is still one to enjoy! 

📚Love-Hate Romance
Cocky F@#ker by Misti Murphy
“I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a nice bone in his body, well unless I count the one I was riding minutes ago.”
They lost their virginity to each other as teens. They married each other in Vegas as adults. They may or may not have divorced each other in Reverence, but now they are certainly having a baby!

Mace and Chelsea are one hot and funny love-hate romance that will leave you smiling!

📚New Adult Romance
Dancer by Jamie Schlosser
“‘I need you to know that I love every part of you, Ellie….Now get that pussy on my face.’”
Colton's ready to give up on love till he meets a sexy dancer at the club. He's a good guy, and she's a good girl, but that doesn't mean they can't be bad together!

A sweet, sexy, swoon-worthy new adult story in a series that shows just how good The Good Guys can be!

Bet Me Something by Aubrey Bondurant
Book Review
“‘I’m torn between wanting to fuck you senseless or kiss you breathless. Take your pick, Kenz, but I’m not going anywhere.’”
Kenzie's had a crush on Colby forever.  Colby knows Kenzie should be off limits, but...Well when they can't resist any longer, things get pretty heated. 

If you're looking for a new adult read with plenty of steam alongside the signature themes of becoming an adult, coming into your self, and finding love, then this is a great romance to pick up as both Kenzie and Colby make compelling characters with room to grow. 

📚More Rock Star Romances
Dex by Stephanie Witter
“‘A rock star who doesn’t fuck is an anomaly.’”
Front man Dex isn't your ordinary manwhore musician. In fact, he hasn't had sex in years. Music blogger Harley is about to find out why. It may not be part of her assignment but she's the key to Dex's problems in more ways than one.

This is not your ordinary rocker romance, and I loved it for it! Harley and Dex will warm your cold winter nights with their heated sexual tensions.

Sticks by T. Gephart
Book Review
“It was perfect casual sex. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.”

Joey and Kenzie both play in a band. Commitment is the furthest thing from either of their minds. But things just got real when their friends with benefits one night stand puts them on the road to parenthood.

If you're looking for a rocker romcom, look no further than this witty 'we're having a baby' tale of sex, love, and rock-n-roll.

Hope this list keeps you reading into 2017!

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