Tuesday, December 8, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Wanted - A Bad Boy Romance by Maya Hawk

4.5 Stars

After attempting to avenge his mother and sister’s death, Titan Blackstone serves 5 years in prison. He’s not sure what’s left for him on the outside once he’s released, but he’s definitely not expecting the girl waiting for him.

Jordana Perry’s mother is nursing her own wounds of loss and she’s found some solace in Titan’s father.  A criminology major with an internship in the parole office and a bleeding heart, Jordana isn’t put off being the one to greet her potential step-brother, convict Titan, upon his reintroduction to freedom.

Titan once had a bright and promising future. Now he’s broken and jaded.  Jordana’s no stranger to family tragedy, but she hasn’t lost her passion for helping reform lost felons. And Titan more than incites that passion.
“‘Five year, Jordana. Five long fucking years. Do you have any idea what that does to a man? I’m right there. On the edge. You are too. I could kiss you so fucking hard right now, and I could promise you you won’t want it to end there.’”
He hasn’t been with a woman in five years. She’s tired of dating good guys. Titan is gritty and brass and off limits not only as a future step-sibling but also because of the nature of her internship. Jordana doesn’t let any of those things deter her though.

Will Titan let himself be “wanted” again? Can Jordana break down his walls? Will they both gamble too much and risk their futures? And who’s behind the random beatings around town?

Aside from Jordana and Titan’s can’t-resist-each-other encounters, there’s also a mystery subplot and a twist or two along the way.  Told via Titan and Jordana’s alternating first person POV, I mainly liked both of the characters and the plot moved along at a steady pace. The story kept me interested from start to finish. I hope we see more of Titan and Jordana in the next book that spins off  the MMA fighting angle. 

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