Friday, December 11, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: 25 Days (Christmas Bad Boy Romance) by Claire Adams

4.25 Stars
UCLA grad Chloe Burke, 24, has made a deal with her dad to come to Aspen for the holidays if he’ll help finance her design business.  She hates the cold and her relationship with him isn’t exactly warm, but she’ll do what it takes to fulfill her dream.  

Finn Warner, 27, works for his dad’s snow removal business while fulfilling the role of the town’s adorable manwhore.  He might be using women to stay warm, but they use him too and now the lifestyle is growing a little stale.

An almost hook-up gone bad is the wakeup call for Finn to swear off sex for 25 days.  Except now he has it bad for the new girl in town for the holidays and there’s more than just sex on the line.

Once getting past Finn’s manwhore ways in the opening, he was a total sweetie who needed to meet the right woman. He’s an upbeat, outgoing guy on the surface who underneath is really just lonely and looking for something more.  I liked how Chloe called him out on his playboy status and helped open his eyes even more.  She was exactly what he needed and made his “reform” more believable.

While Finn and Chloe are attracted to each other from the start, this isn’t an insta lust story. It really builds up the relationship—getting to know each other, hanging out, going on dates—allowing the reader to see how they fall in love with each other. The story definitely captures the romance which I really adored; I just wish it included a few more sexy times as Finn and Chloe made a great couple.

Told via Finn and Chloe’s alternating first person point of views, it’s about putting your heart on the line when you find the one. It’s a sweet holiday romance with low angst and plenty of romance. There’s also an engaging background story with their families.

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