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REVIEW/RELEASE: Ruthless by Alexis Abbott

All I have to do is spy on Dimitri Brokov. The Dimitri Brokov. Billionaire, CEO, Russian Mobster, and my step-brother.

I can have it all. A fling with the hot, tattooed and totally off-limits cocky prick, half a million dollars and, best of all, the sweet taste of revenge to mend my broken heart.

Spying on Dimitri might just get me killed, but every time anger flickers into his eyes, I move a little closer. Every time he touches me, I get a little hotter.

I'm supposed to be in control, but I keep going back for more. His hands on me are addictive, the danger he's in thrills me. And when he ties me to his bed so I can't run, we share more than a night of passion; we share a purpose. A mission. One that threatens everything we thought we knew.
Ruthless New

4.5 Stars

Sarah Fairfax has been distanced from her former step-family for two years, cut off by her step-mother at the age of eighteen. Now Rebecca is summoning her back and she wants a little favor.

Dimitri Brokov is Sarah’s former step-brother, the object of her desires, and his company is a topic of interest to his mother. She wants Sarah to spy on Dimitri’s accounting practices, and thus Sarah and Dimitri’s lives become intertwined once again.  

Dimitri is certainly alluring.  He curses in Russian during sex, is alpha in and out of the bedroom, and projects a devilishly flirtatious yet cocky attitude.
“‘Mr. Brokov wants to know if this is about his Uncle.’”
Until taking this job from her step-mother, Sarah has walked the straight and narrow, but she knows the dark and dangerous side that Dimitri has played.
“‘Here’s a hint, Sarah. You show up at two in the morning for a booty call and then you withhold the booty, bad things happen. You’re just lucky—‘”
I loved how the story focused on just them, the drama coming from their dangerous ties. 
“‘This is about more than you and me….If you want this, it’s all or nothing.’”
The taboo step-sibling aspect isn’t exaggerated for unnecessary angst as there’s plenty of excitement with this action-adventure plot and steamy, dirty scenes. While Dimitri is obviously quite talented between the sheets as evident by the detailed times they spend there, he’s thankfully never characterized as a manwhore, just a bad boy on the ruthless side. 
“‘You’ve always been too afraid to lose it to this dick, haven’t you?...You’ve wanted it for so fucking long. And tonight, you’re finally going to get it. And I’m not going to let you go until I show you what I can really do.’”
On top of their hot scenes together, there’s a little swoon-worthy confession from him towards the end that was a pleasantly surprising plus.

While at first I thought the premise was a little shaky, there was an interesting twist that I didn’t see coming that propelled the story on a bit of a mystery arc which added some intrigue to the seriously super sexy tale.
“…every pulse of his heart is a throb of his thick cock inside me, and I want it.”
I wouldn’t have minded a few more flashbacks from their past to see how it all started—a prologue would have been fitting. The story is told solely from Sarah’s first person point of view, but a few chapters would have benefited from Dimitri’s narration.

But all in all, it’s a steamy read with danger and intrigue that should keep you turning pages as you root for Sarah and Dimitri to uncover the truths and conquer the true bad guys.
“‘Once this shit is over with, I’m going to make you scream so loud we’ll get the cops called on us. ’”

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