Tuesday, October 27, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Prince Albert by Sabrina Paige

3.75/4 Stars

Isabella “Belle” Kensington is about to become a princess. But two weeks ago she was a jilted fiancé, nursing tequila in Vegas, and making up for her marriage loss by wedding a stranger. It was supposed to be a joke, but it’s no joke that her new husband is also about to become her new stepbrother and he’s the crown prince of Protrovia.  
“Royal Dick Exposed! Get the Uncensored Photos The Royal Family Doesn’t Want You To See!”
Prince Albert, Albie as Belle calls him, is the headline making, hot, dirty talking royalty with jewels in his family jewels and a playboy reputation of meaningless one night stands.  Belle is his exception though, having spent the night talking rather than consummating their marriage. But that’s all about to change. Or at least the prince hopes so.
“‘I’m definitely not a gentleman….Although I always let a lady come first.’”
The premise of the story was cute, the royalty aspect original as far as erotic contemporary romances on the market right now.  The author warns in the opening notes that this story is implausible and over the top so you can prepare to be in for a crazy ride. I didn’t have a problem with that. It’s all light-hearted and silly, sexy fun, but I did grow tired of Belle’s surface dislike of Albie—made it hard to believe she was falling in anything more than lust, and the references to becoming siblings (like so many step romances) grew old fast.  With so many stories on the subject, it hardly feels taboo anymore. I would have much rather they capitalized more on the fact that they were already married, which was a more unique spin.

For the most part I found Albie and Belle likeable, but they also felt a little flat, sometimes one dimensional, and some of the supporting characters stereotypical.  Told via their dual first person point of view, there are plenty of sexy times by the prince and his technically already princess.  And some of those encounters are fairly original. They have no problem keeping their sex life interesting.  If you are looking for romantic comedy erotica, this would definitely be one to pick up.  For me it would have been a more solid 4 stars had they not handled their Vegas marriage how they did in the end. It certainly disappointed me and seemed to go against Albie’s characterization of breaking the rules and not caring about appearances. Plus it seemed like a mute point at that stage anyways.  All in all, the sexy times are detailed and well done but more build up of chemistry (perhaps their Vegas night as the prologue rather than in flashback might have helped) and a few swoon-worthy scenes would have made this a real prince of a tale.  

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