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SPOTLIGHT: Charlotte Bloom series by Amanda Richardson

 The Foretelling (Charlotte Bloom Book 1)

At age thirty, Charlotte Bloom has the perfect marriage. Everyone agrees: she got lucky. That is, until a psychic predicts a different life for Charlotte — a life that does not include her husband. Over the course of five months, Charlotte works to prove the psychic wrong, but what she doesn't expect is for everything to fall apart. 

Suddenly single and alone, and by an act of fate, Charlotte flees her life in Los Angeles and is thrust into a different life: one that takes place in rural Wales. For the first time in eight years, Charlotte puts her happiness first, only to discover that maybe her life in Los Angeles wasn’t so perfect after all.

After being offered a part-time job at a quaint bed and breakfast in Wales, Charlotte finds herself bickering with her moody, attractive, Irish co-worker, enjoying it more than she'd like to admit. An undeniable connection between them leads her to believe that maybe she can have a second chance at love — but only if the magnitude of her past and her impending divorce don't get in the way first.

Love can't survive across oceans. The fairytale always ends.


"Listen, I’m sorry about last night."
"You should be." I turned to face him, and for the second time, he placed an arm beside me, leaning on the shop window and blocking me in. He was very close to me now. That feeling alone was enough to make me weak in the knees.
"I don’t normally drink that much," he explained, running his other hand through his hair and scrunching up his face in deep thought. "You bring something out in me. I can’t explain it." He looked down at me with bedroom-y eyes.
I laughed.
"What a line," I said, crossing my arms.
"I’m not going to sleep with you. I’m not going to be your next conquest. Your dark, brooding attitude and Irish accent might work on other women, but not me. So, back off."
He looked surprised.
"I’ve never slept with a guest before."
"Right, like I believe that. You know exactly what you’re doing. It’s not going to work on me," I hissed, and started to walk away. He caught up with me and grabbed my arm.
"You fascinate me. You’re irritating and incredibly sexy all at the same time. And I wasn’t lying. I don’t hit on the guests. Ever. You’re the first." He looked at me sympathetically.
I shuffled a bit, crossing my arms and looking down. I was processing his words. He thought I was sexy. I thought he was sexy. We both found the other to be irritating. I could deal with that.
"Truce?" I offered, holding my hand out. He shook it. "This doesn’t mean I’ll sleep with you, or even be your friend. But… maybe we could get to know each other a little bit."


 The Redemption (Charlotte Bloom Book 2)

Charlotte Bloom spent her thirty-first birthday alone, baking a single cupcake, and blowing out a single candle. Which is fitting, because she's now officially divorced.

Living in L.A. and trying to deal with the repercussions of her actions over the last year, Charlotte goes on her first date in over nine years. But she's not thinking of the guy next to her at the restaurant. She's thinking of the Irishman named Alec that she met in Wales over the summer. Little does she know, Alec is about to come smashing into her life in L.A.


Can they make it work, or are they fighting for something pointless? As it turns out, love may very well survive oceans, but it might not survive ex-wives.

*Best read after The Foretelling (Charlotte Bloom Book #1)
*Due to sexually explicit language, The Foretelling is not meant for anyone under the age of 18.


“Dammit, Alec! For God’s sake, what do I have to say? What do I have to do? I will beg you for forgiveness every day if I have to. I’ll do anything. Just tell me what I have to do.”
He stopped mid-motion, and opened the door fully again. He had a mischievous smile on his face. I could tell he was still mad, but his bemused face was relieving to see.
“Actually… that’s not a bad idea.”
Oh, crap.
“I mean… maybe I should make you work for it. Maybe you should beg for my forgiveness every day.” He walked over to me, and stopped just an inch away. He leaned in closer, and brushed his finger against my jaw. “Maybe I should punish you a little bit.”
I felt my whole body quiver in response. What had been dead inside of me for the last three months had suddenly awakened. It took every fiber in my body to keep myself calm and composed. If I tried to kiss him too soon, it would ruin everything. I had to get him to forgive me first. This would be hard. He knew how to manipulate my body. He would use it against me.
“Seriously? You’re only taking advantage of me right now because you know I’ll do it.”
I waited for him to say something, but he just stood there. Then he shrugged his shoulders, as if asking why the hell not?
He was serious.

~Author Bio~ 
Amanda Richardson resides in Los Angeles with her fiancé and two black cats. She spends her free time drinking wine, traveling to places she's never been, and playing board games. Find out more here:

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