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BLOG TOUR: Fuel the Fire by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Series: Calloway Sisters #3
Release Date: April 3rd, 2015

Protect your family. At all costs.
It’d take the impossible to hurt Connor Cobalt, even for a moment.
Protect your family. At all costs.
At twenty-six, his narcissistic tendencies have made room for the people he loves.
Protect your family. At all costs.
And he loves Rose. But when his love is threatened, when his greatest dreams with her are compromised — what is the cost then?
Protect your family. At all costs.
Love will guide his choices.
For the first time in his life.
5 Questions PLUS with The Addicted Series Characters

A big welcome to Lily, Lo, Rose, Connor, Daisy, and Ryke to the Book-Bosomed Book Blog! Sooo excited to have everyone for a special April Fool’s Day Interview.  All questions are open to everyone so let’s get started…

Lily: *spreads arms out wide* I just want to say that this is a safe space and I think we should all stop picking on Daisy. The brownie and chocolate jokes are mean.
Daisy: It’s been a harrowing day. *theatrically looks to the ceiling and makes the sign of the cross on her chest* May every April-fooled piece of chocolate cake rest in peace.
Loren: Hey, Daisy—I saw some chocolate chip cookies in the waiting room.
Daisy: *opens her mouth*
Loren: April Fool’s.
Lily: *gapes* Lo, safe space.
Loren: You forgot to include cookies, love.
Connor: I think you rushed that one, darling. The joke’s punch line occurs when she checks the empty plate of cookies in the waiting room.
Loren: That’s too much work.
Rose: *huffs* this day is giving me a mammoth migraine.
Connor: *speaks French*

Q1.  You guys are all too familiar with the media and today’s the day for fake headlines. Anything we might read today that you’d like to set the record straight as nothing more than an April Fool’s trick?  (Even if it’s true, here’s your chance to convince the world it’s fake *wink*) *Distributes newspapers with various headlines, among them— “Lily’s Addiction Escalates to Alien Sex Encounters,” “Raisy Secretly Elope,” and “Connor Cobalt to Replace Jamie Dornon in Next 50 Shades of Grey Movie.”*

Lily: Uhh…what kind of alien sex…is it like…scary aliens or like Roswell aliens? *blushes* not that I’d have sex with either. I love Lo. He’s my number one—I mean, he’s my only one. There is only one number on my list. Yep. *blows out a breath*
Loren: *smiles wide* what if I’m an alien, Lil?
Lily: Huh… *eyes widen*
Loren: April Fool’s.
Rose: *sighs* This turned old a century ago, Loren.
Loren: You would know, wouldn’t you? What virgin did you kill to hide your wrinkly, hundred-year-old face?
Rose: I loathe you.
Loren: The feeling is mutual.
Connor: *scoots closer to Rose with newspaper headline and draws her attention to him* this headline is understandably misconstrued but entirely inaccurate.
Rose: Please don’t go into movies. I already see your grin enough. No one wants to see it on television.
Connor: *laughs* On the contrary, darling, everyone wants to see me but you.
Rose: Then I’m the only sane human being in an insane world.
Connor: That must be difficult for you—to be sleeping with an insane man in this insane world. How is it going?
Rose: Horrible. He’s annoying me right now.
Connor: *grins*
Rose: *covers his grin with her hand*
Connor: *grin widens*
Daisy: *mock gasps* Look, Ryke, it says we eloped. Was there a chocolate fountain at our wedding?
Ryke: You tell me, sweetheart.
Daisy: I don’t remember one, but I do think I rolled around in a meadow and you plucked a daisy pretty hard.
Ryke: *messes her hair with a rough hand*

*Interviewer passes out April Fool's Day gifts for being such good sports today...and to make Daisy's harrowing day better. ;-) A stuffed alien for Lily to (platoniclally) sleep with; a souvenir movie poster that reads "Mr. Cobalt Will See You Now;" and chocolate cake for Ryke and Daisy as a "wedding" present.*

Q2.  Among the six of you, who’s been fooled so far today and how? Who was the prankster? Anyone want to boast a successful prank?

Rose: We’ve already established that all the guys have jointly been picking on my little sister.
Connor: Generally when you saran wrap the toilet seats someone is bound to retaliate, and I didn’t, by the way.
Loren: Guilty by association, love.
Daisy: Saran wrap is a classic—you can’t tell me no one has ever done that to you before.
Ryke: Fuck no. *wraps his arm around her shoulder*
Daisy: Then it was my present from me to you. Did you like it? *can’t stop smiling*
Ryke: You’re fucking crazy, Calloway *his lips rise in a bigger smile too*

Q3. What’s the worst prank you’ve ever been on the receiving end of? AND/OR What’s the worst prank you’ve ever played?

Loren: Does this go beyond April Fool’s day because I have a hundred pranks—
Rose: Vandalism isn’t a prank, Loren.
Loren: I’m smiling at the end, so it feels like it…and maybe you should look at yourself Miss I TP-ed the Neighbor’s House.
Rose: That wasn’t a prank. That was justice.
Lily: *spreads arms again* no vandalism, no justice, just classic pranks.
Daisy: worst prank…? *goes quiet*
Ryke: What happened to you wasn’t a prank, sweetheart. It was fucked up and wrong.
Daisy: …I can’t think of another one then.
Ryke: I have one. It was in high school. Senior pranks. Someone egged the entire track team’s cars. Fucking sucked.
Loren: Did you get ‘em back, bro?
Ryke: No, I didn’t waste my time trying to find them.
Loren: *gives him a weird look* how are we related?

Q4Rank today’s holiday in order from favorite to least favorite if April Fool’s Day was going up against Valentine’s Day, The Fourth of July, and Halloween.

Loren: currently Valentine’s Day, Halloween, April Fool’s Day and then Fourth of July which is literally just fireworks and screaming kids.
Daisy: I’d rank Fourth of July first for the funnel cake.
Lily: *points at Daisy* yes to that. And the corndogs…that’s not a metaphor or anything. I’m talking about real corndogs.
Loren: *smiles* so what’s yours love?
Lily: What’s my corndog? Oh wait, I know…you meant what’s my favorite holidays. Um. Okay I like Halloween first because it’s your birthday, and then Valentine’s Day, then Fourth of July and lastly April Fool’s.
Loren: *teases* You don’t like my jokes, Lil?
Lily: *whispers* do your jokes end in sex?
Loren: sometimes.
Lily: Then sometimes.
Loren: *kisses Lily*
Daisy: *wags brows at Ryke* Let me guess yours.
Ryke: Go ahead.
Daisy: Fourth of fucking July, Hallow-fucking-ween, April fucking Fool’s, and then Valentine’s fucking Day *bows*
Ryke: Cute, Calloway.
Daisy: Your fucking holidays are my favorite.
Ryke: Yeah? You enjoy the extra fucking on my holidays?
Daisy: Immensely. *both are staring at each other’s lips*
Rose: *straightens in her chair* Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Fourth of July and then April Fool’s.
Connor: flip Fourth of July with Halloween, and you have mine.

Q5. Will there be couple time later tonight for more… “fooling… around?” (Inquiring romance reader minds really want to know this one!)

Rose: If by “fooling” you mean me annihilating Richard in battleships, then yes.
Lily: *gawks* is this a sexual innuendo?
Loren: no, I think she’s serious, Lil.
Connor: *focuses on Rose* That’s a little presumptuous, darling. You haven’t beat me yet.
Ryke: Is this thing over yet? *has his arm around Daisy and clearly wants to leave to go…ahem*
Daisy: that’s our answer.

Before you all go, let’s have just a little more fun with the holidays! Easter is just around the corner. With these five rapid fire questions, give readers a hint at how you’ll be celebrating… (*passes out plush, fuzzy bunny ears for everyone to get in the spirit*)

Loren: can we please take a picture of this? *laughs at Ryke*
Ryke: You’re fucking wearing fuzzy bunny ears too, so I don’t know why you’re laughing at me.
Loren: *uncontrollable laughter*

#1  chocolate bunnies or marshmallow chicks?

Daisy: chocolate bunnies
Lily: the mallows
Rose: if it’s not dark chocolate, then the bunnies
Loren: when Rose says “bunnies” I think one silently cries in the world.
Rose: you make no sense.
Loren: you have the voice of an icicle, so yeah, it does. And I’d choose the marshmallows with Lil.
Ryke: I like them equally.
Connor: personally, I think chocolate is harmful to canines.
Ryke: *flashes him the middle finger*
Connor: I’d choose the chocolate.

#2  Peter Cottontail or The Easter Beagle?

Ryke: What the fuck is the Easter Beagle?
Connor: You aren’t friends?
Ryke: You’re going to be punched by the end of this, Cobalt.
Lily: Violence is never the answer, Ryke.
Ryke: When did you turn into a fucking PSA?
Lily: heyyy
Loren: yeah, hey, bro.
Ryke: Sorry…I didn’t mean it like that…fuck. *runs hand through his hair* Okay I’m going with the rabbit because I’ve never heard of the Easter Beagle.
Daisy: Peter Cottontail has more street cred, and he’s cute, so I’d choose him.
Connor: I’m guessing we’re all going to choose Peter Cottontail.
*everyone nods in agreement*

*Interviewer sends Ryke home with a DVD copy of It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown...autographed by Snoopy ;-)*

#3  tulips or daffodils?

Rose: tulips
Connor: tulips
Daisy: daffodils
Ryke: daffodils
Lily: but how do you know which flower you like better? They’re both pretty.
Rose: how do you know you don’t like lilies?
Lily: because my name is Lily, and it’s just weird.
Loren: Do you know any tulips or daffodils that’ve wronged you?
Lily: no, but I’m not going to choose either or.
Loren: I pick daffodils because Queen Rose isn’t going to hoard all of them.

#4  Egg dying (can get messy): Use an apron or simply get naked?

Daisy: I’m getting naked *smiles deviously*
Loren: can we make a statement and say this isn’t happening all together? *cringes slightly*
Ryke: I would just get my shirt dirty.
Lily: Apron…I think.
Connor: I’d just carefully dye the eggs. I’d never make a mess, so this question is void for me.
Rose: Apron, but I’m not dirtying my apron either. So I need to put something on top of my apron.
Loren: I want to say I’d get naked, but the only other one who said that is like my little sister, and I’m not okay with this.
Lily: *whispers* I’ll get naked with you, Lo.
Loren: *hugs her to his side* thanks, love.

#5  Egg hunt—find colorful plastic eggs filled with: Condoms or Ben-Wa balls?

Connor: *finger to his jaw in contemplation* this is where we find out who’s not wearing condoms.
Loren: Lil and I are…we’re not having another kid anytime soon, so yeah, condoms.
Lily: condoms for me too.
Ryke: No one psychoanalyze my fucking answer, please.
Connor: he’s not choosing condoms, clearly
Ryke: *tosses his hands up like what the fuck* Ben-Wa balls.
Daisy: *mock gasps* you know me so well. That’s my answer too.
Rose: Connor and I have more use for Ben-Wa balls, but condoms are accepted when he’s annoying me and the thought of procreating with him makes my ovaries flee.
Connor: and where are they fleeing, Rose?
Rose: they haven’t planned that far ahead.
Connor: *laughs*

A very big thanks to Lo, Lily, Connor, Rose, Ryke and Daisy…and especially Krista and Becca Ritchie!!!  
Have an Amazing April Fool's Day Everyone!

Connor: I speak for everyone when I say thanks for having us here today.

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Krista & Becca Ritchie are identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. Now in their early twenties, they write about other twenty-somethings navigating through life, college, and romance. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love. They are the New Adult authors of the Addicted series and Calloway Sisters spin-off series, and you can find them on almost every social media, frolicking around like wannabe unicorns.

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