Monday, March 23, 2015

REVIEW/RELEASE: Hate F*@k (Vol.2) by Ainsley Booth

4 Stars

So about last night… That’s probably the best way to sum up the opening to the second volume of Hate F*@k. Yeah, a little awkward and uncertain for Hailey as the scandal of Cole’s arrest heats up. Gives new meaning to the term “walk of shame.” ;-)

Still Cole insists… 
“‘Nothing about last night was a mistake.’” 
Cole is just as sexy and (mostly) in control as ever while becoming more and more of a book boyfriend. Hailey, I’m still still forming an opinion on, but the story is engaging and it’s a quick read.

In this installment, the crime-drama/political intrigue aspect is kicked up, the stakes get a little higher, and the f *@king gets less hateful...but no less heated.  Could it be these two are falling in love? 
“‘You’re deep inside me, Hailey. That’s all I know. And this scandal will fade away, replaced by something else. And you’ll still be inside me.’”
We get more glimpses of The Horus Group in this one and possibly a hint at the next couple in the series…Are the Brownings the next hate f*@k???

A new cliffhanger is established as a lead-in for Vol. 3. It's’s a serial so you had to expect it would end that way. And April isn’t that far away…we hope ;-)

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