Wednesday, March 4, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Savor by Lexi Buchanan

4.5 Stars

If you’ve read the previous Bad Boy Rocker books then you’ve already met Ryder Stone and Dahlia Roberts. While for the most part this story operates as a stand-alone, background knowledge of the characters (particularly Dahlia which you get in Spicy) is helpful. Couples from the previous books also make brief appearances.

We find Ryder and Dahlia working at Ryder’s bar together and living together (initially platonically) in his apartment above the bar. Both want more from the close friendship they've developed, but some things are holding them back and standing in the way. 
“‘I want you naked, Dahlia. But with everything you’ve said, we’re gong to wait because when I finally get inside you I have no intention of leaving for a very long time.’”
In the beginning they have off the charts sexual tension and then seriously hot scenes—plenty of them. These two know how to get down and dirty without even going all the way! 
“I feel her hand start to slide lower, and I’m torn as to whether to stop her or let her carry on and see what she does. I just hope I’m strong enough to hold it together.”
Holding it together is a key part of the story (not just sexually), and for a large part I enjoyed how Ryder and Dahlia stood by each other and handled things in a level-headed manner being honest and open. Dahlia is a strong female character and really the strength in this relationship. Ryder, while a very honorable guy, needed to let the past go. Maybe I’m cold but I didn’t think the past derived the sympathy he had for it. While it made him a sensitive male character it also made me want to see him man up! I felt like he deserved the misunderstanding and pain he had to witness since it was all because his focus wasn’t where it should have been. And while it had me wanting to slap Ryder up side the head towards the climax, it also provided an engaging drama towards the end that kept me glued to the page.

Told by both of their first person POVs, this is a sweet, very sexy, love story where as a reader you feel privy to the intimate emotions and moments between the couple.  Fans of a steamy story should devour this one.

Ryder’s brother Jace’s story is up next and I’m looking forward to reading it.


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