Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SALE: NA Romance Freebies

*All prices valid at time of posting but only for a limited time. Please verify price before 1-clicking*

Get four book boyfriends without spending a penny!

“There are three things I have in abundance—a big dick, the skills to use it, and a value sized box of XL condoms.” Paxton 

"'There's a little bit of dirty girl in you, isn't there, Lily?...I knew it when I first saw you. When you let Andy go under because you were looking at me. You're sweet and nice but there's a streak of steel in you that nobody sees.'" —Lucas

“Bryson Edwards has a beam between his legs. An Olympic sized balance beam, and I half-expect to see an entire string of gymnasts burst into the room with team USA leotards on and break out into a routine over it.” —Baya

“I wobble when his tongue delves into my mouth, and the hot metal of his piercing makes me heat up between my thighs, inviting my scandalous thoughts to dance in my mind.” —Raya on Kade's kiss
Hooked on the Game by C.M. Owens/AMAZON

All titles recommended reads of the blog!

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