Sunday, January 4, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Kade's Game by C. M. Owens

5 Stars

College senior Kade Colton seems to have it all: Nice house, four cars, rich parents, a whole business lined up after graduation, cool parties, and socialite friends. But really he’s just playing the game. Then the game starts to change when his party-gone-awry lands him in a heap of trouble, and he has a new roommate forced on him for the semester—freshman Raya Capperton.

This is the companion book to Hooked on the Game (#1 in The Sterling Shore series). Though I suppose you could read either of them for the gist of the story, I definitely recommend reading them both to get the full experience. After reading Raya’s POV in Hooked on the Game, I couldn’t wait to get Kade’s POV in this one and I wasn’t disappointed. I really adored Kade’s telling of the story. It’s a great male POV from his discomfort over women’s magazines, to his attempts to play it cool even when he’s rattled, to his hatred of his zipper; Kade is an awesome new adult character. 
“I use my peripheral to watch her, keeping my spying discreet. Her scowl is actually adorable, but I move my attention to the page as I flip it, praying it’s not another equally disgusting ad. Crap. Yeast infection ointment? Oh God. I’m never having sex again now. Too much. Way too much.”
I had quite a few laugh out loud moments with Kade’s commentary. This book is a lot of fun as Kade becomes total book boyfriend material.

Initially Kade is cute in a brooding rich boy kinda way, and as the story moves along and he begins to fall in love well then he becomes cute in a young guy trying to figure out love kinda way. I enjoyed how Kade gains some life lessons and sheds his previous perceptions, ones that are actually road blocks to his happiness.

Is Kade making the game too complicated? And is he up for the real challenge he may face if he keeps playing it?

This edition continues to reveal the meanings behind the book titles while teaching some good life lessons and providing insight into the sexes. It’s a new adult novel so the characters must grow and learn from their mistakes, but there is no over-done angst here or unforgivable betrayals. Romance reigns supreme, and the climax is just as good, if not better, this time hearing it from Kade. 
“I’m sure I look like a psychotic flying squirrel right now, but I don’t care.”
And the love scenes are just as sexy too. 
“Feral sounds escape us both, and I push forth a month’s worth of pent-up passion.”
Rest assured, the story isn’t all just recap from book #1, there are quite a few significant scenes that weren’t known to Raya in her book and that shed more light on the story as well as supporting characters.  Development on Josh’s character made me intrigued for a book on him now.  Though I’m still hoping for a certain someone to get payback for causing the trouble between Kade and Raya, at this point I’m hooked on this series so maybe there’s more to come with that. I'll keep reading The Sterling Shore series box set to find out!

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