Friday, October 11, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: Dickslip by Gwyn McNamee

3 Stars

Rafe Boswell has an oopsy moment while on the basketball court for a charity game. And while the new CEO of the network Andy Mason didn’t catch the live sporting event, she makes sure to see the play by plays.

Given the premise and the characters, this had a lot of potential and it began with promise, but as it played out, it was a letdown.

For one, I was disappointed with the fact that while it starts out with a smart and accomplished non-virginal heroine in a role of power (something that’s hard to come by in the romance genre) she quickly makes ridiculous mistakes.

" Facepalm. I drop my face into my hand and sigh. No. Double facepalm. This calls for two.
She might have been talking about him but that’s exactly how I felt when it was obvious that Andy was going to let her libido ruin her career and reputation. Now had there actually been a build-up, weeks or months of them fighting their attraction where the reader could feel their sexual tension as they got to know each other, then I might have been able to root for her to take a chance…on love. But one of the issues this story suffers from is typical with lots of short books—lack of development. The attraction is solely insta-lust.
What did I have with Rafe? Attraction…yes. Lust…definitely. But was there more there?
And then there’s Rafe. A paleontologist turned educational children’s television host, he should have been a fresh catch in the romance market’s tired sea of billionaires, rock stars, and motorcycle men. Not to mention there should have been some real ovary melting scenes there with his career. But nope, there was no swoon factor. The dude had no balls (no pun intended). The Munro thing was predictable, and later it made Rafe look like a real chump, not a sweet guy. In fact, Rafe lost major points with me over the whole “how he left things” debacle.

Readers looking for some chasing and wooing on the hero’s part will want to pass on this one.

Told via Andy and Rafe’s alternating first person POV, the chapters are missing name headings and the story ends at 82%. On a positive note, it is lighthearted and safe.


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