Wednesday, November 14, 2018

RELEASE/REVIEW: Double Bosses by Parker Grey

Genre: Contemporary Romance Erotica


They’re rich, powerful, and alpha af.
And they like to share.

Kade and Lawson are powerful, demanding, and they always get what they want.

In the courtroom. In the office.

And in the bedroom.

What they want? Me.

Their secretary.

Even though I’m innocent and virtually untouched. Even  though I work for them, and it’s absolutely against company policy.

Even though there’s two of them.

There’s no way I should give into their rough, rugged  demands - both my bosses at once?

But then again, maybe I could do with a little overtime…

Double Bosses is a super-sweet, super-steamy read about your favorite kind of threesome ;) This is an MFM book so the action is all about her - no M/M! If you like badass alphas who’ll make you melt, this book is for you!

~Book Review~
2.5 Stars

Lawson Marshall and Kade Chandler are attorneys working together at a firm. Jenna McAlister is their new assistant. They’re both want to have sex with her and she them. 

That’s the premise and pretty much the whole story.

While I appreciated the low angst factor, safety, and absence of OW/OM drama, it just didn’t work for me. There’s a reason women don’t generally swoon over porn.

So I think expectations on this one are going to be key to reader enjoyment. For me, when the blurb says “super-sweet, super-steamy” and the subtitle  reads “An Office Romance” I expect a hot and sweet romance.  But that’s not really what this is.

This is just an erotic tale that plays out like porn, and I’m not saying that because there’s a threesome involved. I can enjoy a well-written ménage romance, but there was nothing here to pull me in or root for these three to get together or stay together. Minimal character development, constant insta-lust monologing, and ridiculous scenarios are what the story is built on. And so I was invested as much as I’d be invested in a porno.

Told via all three of their first person POVs, the guys come across more like two horn dogs who don’t take their jobs seriously rather than smart, professional attorneys. Since there’s really no build-up, I had no clue why they were willing to risk their careers and professional reputation for a girl they barely knew. The fact that they’ve indulged in sharing women before, just made it seem like they were scratching an itch, nothing more. They exhibited a blatant disregard for professionalism and commitment to their clients and cases. I wasn’t wooed by their rebellion against company rules forbidding sexual harassment and fraternization—those policies are there for a good reason. In fact, the guys’ behavior just made them seem cocky, immature, and entitled rather than hot and sexy.

Jenna’s a virgin losing her virginity without protection to two men who are her superiors. 
That requires a lot of trust in two people she hardly knows. As a result, it made her seem foolish, not brazen.  I couldn’t relate with her at all because the whole story is just her getting sexed up; if she had a brain or an opinion there’s no way to tell because I don’t think she uttered an intelligible thought.  Aside from her body and the fact she was willing to take both of them, why did these guys even like her? The reader’s not shown any kind of relationship development outside the naked kind.  Also the imbalanced sexual experience—specifically the virgin heroine—has become so overdone in the romance market. The message—that men can have prior fun but women can’t—is bothersome.

Bottom line, if you just want to read about sex, go for it! Here’s thirty chapters of three nymphos who think they are in love. But thinking about sex and constantly having sex is not the same thing as falling in love so if you need romance and to connect with the characters to find the story a turn-on, this one probably isn’t the one

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