Tuesday, May 1, 2018

REVIEW/RELEASE BLITZ: Blood & Secrets: 1 by Rose Harper

Series: The Calvetti Crime Family #1
Genre: Romantic Suspense


I'm dangerous. Calculated. Bloodthirsty.
The perfect motherfucking trifecta of crazy.

The name's Mateo Calvetti, and Brooklyn belongs to me.
My reach knows no bounds, and I always get what I want.
Including the little gem currently twisting my insides.

She's been promised to me since birth.
Nothing anyone says will change that.
She will be mine, whether she wants it or not.
I'm going to own her. Consume her. Fuck, I may even keep her.

Yet, something comes to light I never expected in my wildest dreams.
Blood, secrets, and lies all fall around my feet.
Carina Ricci isn’t what she claims to be.
It appears she’s just as fucked up as me.

Come on, baby, let’s make them scream.
Let’s show them what happens when you anger a King and his Queen.

~Book Review~
1 Star/DNF

The writing is bloated, the premise heavily contrived, the insta-lust on the heroine’s part in the first chapter is over the top, and the hero is a cocky, whiney, douche. “I’m one sexy son of a bitch,” he monologues. I think he needs to drop the ‘y’ on sexy and add an ‘ist’ because he’s a sexist son of a bitch that's for sure. He repeatedly refers to the heroine as a “bitch” and “slit,” and says things like, “‘I don’t give a shit about that slit any more than I do the whore I keep around…’”

This is not romance!

A “hero” with a mistress is not romantic. 

An abused heroine who comes on to other men is not romantic. 

A hero leaving a sexual moment with the heroine because his mistress demands him and he leaves to have sex with her is not romantic!

A heroine watching the hero have sex with someone else is not fucking romantic! 

A “hero” taunting the heroine that she’s jealous because “‘she’s [OW] getting something you want, and all she had to do was kneel to get it’” is not romantic. 

Double standards are not romantic.

Women being treated like property is not romantic. 

An OW taunting the heroine is not romantic.

Women calling each other “bitches” and “whores” is not romantic. 

This reads like a bad mafia soap opera, not anything close to a romance.

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Rose Harper is a mother of two, avid coffee drinker, and thrives on bringing tantalizing, downright shiver inducing books for her readers to devour. She’s a lover of dark, sizzling passion, and mystery filled stories with twists and turns you never see coming, yet leave you wanting more.

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