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BLOG TOUR: Will by Kerry Heavens

Series: Not Your Average British Romance, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary romance

Will Middleton has no clue how much I want him.
He looks at me like I’m an angel,
And all I can think about is how he would look tied to my bed.

He’s the perfect gentleman.
Amazing considering he’s related to The Spencer Ryan.
He is everything Spencer is not. Sensitive, considerate, and unassumingly handsome.
I’d like to show him that’s a good thing.
But he broke my heart once,
and I don't know if I can let him do it again.

Mags Goldsmith is a beautiful, confident heiress and she seems to want me.
Although she really shouldn't. I'm not what she needs.
She’s a goddess. And when I say goddess,
I mean erotica writing siren, who knows more than one use for a riding crop

Everything I thought I knew about her has been rewritten,
And now she’s got me tied up in knots.
She's everything I've ever wanted and more,
I just have to prove I’m worthy.

This is not your average British romance.
It's a tale of second chances, strap-ons, and of course sex oranges,
All bound up and tied to a bedroom door.



~Book Review~
4 Stars

If you’ve read Spencer (and if you haven’t I recommend it for lots of sexy fun) then you’ve met Spencer’s cousin, Will Middleton, and Jazz’s friend, Mags Goldsmith. While this story can be read as a standalone, there are places that will make far more sense and you’ll have a fuller picture of the characters if you’ve read Spencer first.

Told via their dual alternating first person POV, Will is your average guy, running his own business, and struggling with the feelings and attraction he has for his ex, Mags once they become friends again. With a lot of insecurities and a beta personality, Will doesn’t think he’s good enough for Mags, who’s been raised in an upper-class, high society lifestyle. But when Will discovers the type of erotic books that Mags has been authoring, and Mags discovers that there’s more to Will than she dreamed possible, a second chance might just be on the horizon.

“I feel all the power I ever fantasized about having, right at my fingertips.”
So Will and Mags embark on a little sexual exploration. I’ll admit their brand of kink is not my thing, but it does seem to work for Will and Mags, and I liked how they were flexible with their roles.
“The dominant deep inside me pinches me to let me know that this kind of thing wouldn’t wash in a real D/s relationship, but I shut her up. What does she know?...She has never had to handle this shit in real life.”
Will is swimming in his own insecurities and while he might not be a guy I’d fantasize about in real life, it was immensely refreshing to read a scenario where the roles were reversed and it was the man who was the weak one and the woman who held the confidence, helping him find his way. I also give the story major points for focusing on the inner struggles that the characters needed to overcome and avoiding the typical OW/OM romance angst. I always enjoy when a romance plays out as a journey rather than a melodrama fest; I think there’s so much more to take away from the story. The messages of being honest and forthcoming with your feelings and fears as well as building your confidence are important in any relationship, and it was featured here in a positive way.
“There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance. It’s called humility.”
There are also some fun twists in this story. Though not as laugh out loud as Spencer, Will does boast it’s share of humorous encounters. 
“‘A selfie? You want me to take a picture of my dick?’–Will
‘Yep.’ –Mags
‘I think you’re confusing me with Spencer.’”–Will
Speaking of Spencer, he and Jazz are also an integral part of the story, infusing both drama and laughs, and I adored reading about them once again. While I’m not sure it’s what she intended, the author definitely whetted my appetite for a bonus story on them. Hint, Hint, Kerry Heavens. I’m dying here for a little baking adventure novella for those two. I think you know what oven I’m talking about! ;-)

She stares at me. I feel like I've bared all and she's still giving me no clue. I'm just about to pull my arm out of her grasp and walk away, when she leans in and presses her lips to mine.

All my resolve, all my hesitation goes out the window and I have her under me in a split second, pushing my tongue between her parted lips. It’s so unlike me, but I’m only human, I can only take so much longing before I break. Taking what I have needed for so long, I try to put my doubts out of my head. I know I’m not who she needs me to be and I can’t ever be, but right now I don’t care. 

I’ve been alone without her. I can’t do it anymore. I need her. 

“Thank God,” she gasps when I let her breathe. “I thought you didn’t want me.” 

“Feel how much I want you now?” I grin, pushing the hard fact of my arousal against her. 

“Uh huh.” She giggles, pulling my face back to hers. 

I let myself relax into her, loving the feel of her body pressing against mine and kiss her, taking my time. I’ve wanted to do this for so long. Her hands find their way under my t-shirt and her nails lightly draw across my back sending a shiver down my spine. 

I pull back from her lips, smiling as she opens her eyes. The light from the TV doesn’t do justice to the searing flecks of gold in her green eyes, but I have that indelibly marked in my memory, I don’t need to see it right now. There are however, things I do want to see. This might be a one shot deal and I’m not walking away from this wishing. Lifting off her enough to find the bottom of the t-shirt she’s wearing, I help her off with it, burying my face in her neck. She smells just like I remember and I want to eat her. 

Holy shit! I didn’t mean eat her, eat her…but fuck, I could, if she’ll let me. 

Hers was the first clit I ever licked and I think even back then I was pretty good at it. It’s worship in it’s purest form and I doubt any man has ever worshiped her like I did…do…and now I could remind her. I try to take my time making my way down, I want to bury my face between her legs like, yesterday. I'm aware that I'm rushing, a couple of kisses here and there as I ease down her body, but I can't slow down. 

Reaching her underwear, I'm already intoxicated by her heady scent. I grasp her knickers in both hands and peel them down, stopping dead in my tracks when I see that she is completely bare and as if this isn’t almost more than I can take right now, she has the word ‘Focus’ tattooed, just…there above her…you know. Like she knows she will have an intoxicating effect on whoever is lucky enough to read the word. I’ll be honest, it’s the one thing I can’t do right now. I think I might have swallowed my tongue. 

I can’t describe what this does to me. I’m sure it has some deep meaning, but fuck…what was I doing? Oh yeah, I was about to worship her like she has never been worshiped before. Show her that anyone else who has tried was simply pretending, because this is from the heart. Except now, I have performance anxiety. I mean, look at her. Stunning, and so boldly confident in her sensuality, that she has an instruction tattooed right by her perfectly waxed and ready…Je-sus! I can’t even think the word.

~Check out Spencer, Book 1 in the Series~
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Sparkle, kink and all things ink. That's what Kerry Heavens is made of.
Writing smutty, sometimes funny romance, with a touch of kink.
Real characters and best friends you wish you had.
A little ink thrown in here and there.
HEAs guaranteed.

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