Tuesday, February 9, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Most Wanted by Annika Martin

Series: Taken Hostage by Kinky Bank Robbers #4


Between robbing banks and making Isis obey their wickedly dirty commands, the kinky bank robbers seem to have it all. Or do they?

The gang's desire for a normal life leads them to start an actual business—a detective agency. But when a drug kingpin hires them to solve a baffling mystery, the gang is driven deep into the Los Angeles underworld—and comes face to face with a dangerous enemy.

And the mystery isn’t the only thing unraveling—a sexy and forbidden new game is tearing the gang apart. Can they pull back together before it’s too late? Or is the world’s sexiest four-way doomed to destruction?

~Book Review~
5 Stars

The Kinky Bank Robbers are back with a new installment of sexy fun, adventure, mystery, and love.  I totally adored and devoured this one. As the always fun and witty narrator, Isis had me laughing within the first page and that was only the start. There were so many lines I chuckled, snorted, and simply enjoyed.
“…it would be dorky if my bank robbers put air quotes around the phrase make a withdrawal when they talked about knocking over a bank.”
But this time around the robbers have temporarily ceased making withdrawals, focusing on their PI business…oh and maximizing Isis’s pleasure of course.

There’s an intriguing detective plot that kept me guessing and more edge of your seat adventures, all intertwined with kinky fun.
“I burst into a zillion shards of pleasure, coming shamelessly in the crowded nightclub.”
I adore the way the story always feels lighthearted even when danger abounds and forces (from outside and within) threaten to break up the gang for good. Yet, there’s so much depth to the characters, the romance the foursome share, and the conflicts they face.
“‘This is how we express our love for each other, and if anybody wants to act like it’s wrong, I will fuck them up.’”
While the god pack family is being tested so is the gods’ bromance and you can feel the tension and testosterone oozing off the page. There are mysteries to solve, secrets to be revealed, and dreams to be fulfilled. It all leads up to a dirty, heartwarming, climax.

Can the gods solve their first case? Who will fit Isis’s “profile?” Or does their tight knit group have an expiration date that’s looming?

Meanwhile, more colorful supporting characters of the criminal underworld round out this edition, and I’ve come to enjoy meeting the gang’s “friends.”  There’s never a dull moment and it’s hard to read without wanting your own god pack…except for maybe the inability to walk straight the next day. ;-)

But this series is really so much more than an erotic ménage; it’s an amazing love story of commitment and trust.
“‘We’re all outlaws. Let’s be fucked up together.’”


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