Monday, November 2, 2015

BLOG TOUR: Prick Tease by Misti Murphy

Genre : Erotic Romance 

Claire Hadley shouldn’t even be on my radar.

There are a million damn reasons why I shouldn’t touch her. 

Her brothers are my best friends. We grew up together, under the same roof.

I’m supposed to think of her like a little sister.

I won’t break my loyalty for a f*ck. 

Razer Bennington forgot me when he joined the marines. 

One kiss. Seven years. I can’t get the taste of him out of my mouth. 

I’m meant to be the good girl. A virgin. A role model. 

I’m supposed to live up to their expectations.

Screw that… 

I’m going to get what I want. 

I should be careful what I wish for. 

Claire Hadley was about to check the perfect fiancé off her checklist. 
Until she found him underneath a hooker. 
Running home to her brother, she doesn’t expect to be rescued by Razer Bennington. 
Seven years ago he left her behind. 
But she hasn’t forgotten their last night together. Or the kiss they shared. 
Tired of living up to the expectations of others, she throws caution to the wind. 
This time she’ll get what she wants. 

Even if getting what she wants could destroy him.

~Book Review~
4.75 Stars

Claire Hadley, 22, has had a crush on her older brothers’ best friend since she was sixteen when she took a chance on him and it left her heartbroken and pissed off.  Razer Bennington, 29, is a former marine trying his hardest to resist the girl who gets him hard and steals his heart.  His allegiance to her brothers and family is proving to be a real test the more determined Claire gets at finally having the man of her literal dreams.
“He’s going to call me a stalker in a minute, a psycho. Apparently I am. I mean, it’s been seven years and I’m wearing his T-shirt and having blasted sex dreams about him. That’s got to be some kind of psychiatrist’s wet dream. The virgin who has sex dreams featuring her much older brother’s best friend.”
Both characters were very likable. Claire is innocently cute, determined, and spunky. Razer is one dirty talking hottie who’s being pulled in two directions by his love and attraction to the girl and his respect and loyalty to the people that were there for him growing up.
“‘It’s all my fault you’re wrung out. I’m not going anywhere ‘til you cum.’”
Told via Claire and Razer’s alternating first person POV, the story is upbeat, fun, and incredibly sexy (seriously hot) as the two negotiate their supposedly limited time back in their hometown.
“He’s all hot hardness in my palm. I love the contradiction of it. How something hard can be so ridiculously soft. I love that I can feel how I affect him.”
It was refreshing that the romance focused on the light-hearted inner drama between Claire and Razer and her family with a few good twists and reveals as the story neared its close, and it wraps on a very sweet note.  Prick Tease is a stand-alone although the later parts certainly hint at future books for her family. Man, do I hope there are future books because my head is still spinning trying to guess at the tidbits dropped in this one about Claire’s brothers, and I certainly have my theories. ;-)

Misti Murphy is a sadistic b*tch who loves to emotionally torture fictional people. If she did that in real life she’d probably end up in prison or a psych ward so she prefers to create dirty talking alphas and the sexually frustrated women who fall into their beds. And if someone needs to be smacked upside the head before f*cking turns to love then that makes her very happy indeed.
She’s a huge believer in flaws making us human, and that not everyone likes bacon. She’s also addicted to chocolate and scared of the effects of the coming shortage. She swears like a f*cking trooper, and thinks that graphic smuttiness should be as real in fiction as it is in real life.
When she’s not writing she’s the perfect housewife and mother. Ha bloody ha! When she’s not writing she’s hiding in a cupboard with her kindle, scoffing chocolate, and stalking facebook.  
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