Friday, May 1, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Sincerely, Carter by Whitney Garcia Williams

4.5 Stars

Carter James and Arizona Turner have been best friends since the fourth grade. Well, not exactly. They had a bit of a love-hate start to their friendship, but then it bloomed into something really special. You can’t help but admire it and possibly envy it.

Told via Carter and Arizona’s alternating first person point of view of both their present lives as newborn college graduates as well as through letters, texts, and recollections of their friendship over the years, Sincerely, Carter is easy page-turner, certain to hook you from the first page to the last.

The author does a perfect job of capturing little nuances of the characters various ages as reflected throughout the story, but particularly their place in life of the present—that point between college years and the “real world” when you’re technically an adult but not quite. 
“…The life where spending hours upon hours in a diner with friends and talking about absolutely nothing were the norm and not the exception…”
Well put. I got nostalgic for my own new adult years just reading it. 

So things to know about this book:

1)      There’s quite a few laugh out loud moments. The meowing…all I’m gonna say.

2)      And plenty of adorable ones too….The state of Arizona—how awesome was that!

3)      Carter and Arizona are a perfect blend of friends and lovers whose spunky personalities lend to witty banter.

While Arizona and Carter did frustrate me at times I still found them both very likeable and I was only frustrated because I was rooting for them. I was especially glad relieved that Arizona had such stringent criteria for her spreadsheets and that Carter made a lousy wingman.  Thus, this is a fun, light-hearted, and sweet dish with some side helpings of sexy scenes. Carter is pretty hot in the bedroom and frankly I wanted a little more of that
“‛If you scream like that…’ he whispered into my ear, ‘everyone in this house will hear me f*cking you.’ He pounded into me again. ‘Is that what you want?’”
Yeah, definitely more of that! So….. 
Dear Whitney,

Would it be possible to get a sequel with Josh and Nicole so that we could ultimately get some more tidbits on Carter and Arizona’s HEA?

Pretty please...

A Craving More of Them Reader


UPDATE: Extended Epilogue now available.
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