Monday, November 17, 2014

RELEASE BLITZ: Left to Chance by C.D. Taylor

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? As Eliza sits unhappily sipping her glass of champagne at her best friend’s wedding, she can't help but notice that Gabe, her sworn enemy is also in attendance. Eliza looks to liquor to cure her disdain. Once inebriated, her inhibitions become lacking and she finds herself in Gabe’s arms. A dance leads to a kiss, and a kiss leads to Eliza being whisked away to Las Vegas, where she wakes up the next morning with a bad taste in her mouth and a sparkling gem on her finger. "What the hell have I done?"

Gabe Ellingsworth is the quintessential rich playboy. His bed is like a revolving door and his taste for all things luxurious are plastered on the front page of nearly every gossip magazine in the country. But Gabe finds himself becoming attracted to a certain smart mouthed red head at his best friend’s wedding. What's a guy to do? Gabe decides to provoke Eliza further by flying her to Vegas and tying the knot.

Caught up in a frenzy of family, friends, and media, Gabe and Eliza try to make the best of a terrible situation. They work together to fool everyone and soon secrets emerge that have them both on edge. Will Gabe's philandering ways push Eliza further into madness? Or will they both realize that they need each other more than they ever knew?  

Book two in the Chances Are Series will take you on an emotional journey and leave you wondering if things are better when they are just Left to Chance.

C.D. Taylor began writing as an item to check off her bucket list. After putting words on paper, she decided that being an author was where she needed to be. She resides on a farm in southern Illinois with her husband, son and a plethora of animals. C.D. is a huge kid at heart. She loves playing practical jokes, challenging her son to a game of Super Mario and rarely rolls out of bed before noon. She enjoys dancing, is perpetually clumsy and has a horrible green thumb. C.D. believes that if you work hard, you must play even harder.

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