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Five Questions with Nikki Faye

 Q1. Sold and the companion books focus on sex trafficking. How did you decide to tackle this topic and what would you want readers to take away from reading it from an awareness perspective?

A. I have always had a passion for great love stories.  I feel that with any love, great or small you have to go through fire and pain to get through to the other side.  With that said I have also been in an abusive relationship before, physical, sexual, and emotional.  It's why I have a passion for this, I've lived through some of what my characters do.  I am also a hopeless romantic.  :)

Q2. Revenge is a prominent theme. Can you tell us a little more about Chase’s plans and how they have changed? How has revenge changed him?

A. Okay so he was out for blood, out to kill Michael.  This anger and rage had consumed him for so long, it was the only prominent stable aspect in his life.  His father was taken from him, he is a lost and hurt man, (even though he wont admit to that).  But after seeing Emma, and what she goes through, and more importantly realizing that she's innocent in this, she did nothing to cause this, his view changes.  It happens in stages.  He falls madly in love with her.

Q3. What was the hardest thing about writing some of the grittier scenes?

A. Oh gosh, revisiting some of my past.  Writing it, thinking about it.  While writing a lot of those scenes I have my ever present husband there to support me.  He's my rock.  He keeps me sane.

Q4. What was your favorite part about writing Sold?

A. I love Sold; honestly I think it might be my favorite by far.  Reason being Chase is so broken, so lost, and hurting.  And Emma can't fix him, but she shows him the light, and the truth in herself, and he mends his broken heart and soul.  I just love Chase :)

Q5. What can readers expect with future writing projects and ones in the works? 

A. Okay so I revealed on my author page my new series (President Series) and it's quite naughty ;) But don't fear. Club Threshold isn't even close to being done.  So we have Taken and Bound (Taken 2 and Sold 2) Coming this October.  You might ask why so long?  Well I'm still writing it.  I take a lot of time to write, a lot of brainstorming and analyzing my work. Then we will return to Submitting to my Master, Club Threshold Book 2.  It picks up right after Club 1.  It’s really intense and a graphic read.  That'll come out in November. And immediately following will be Forever Sean (Novella Series). There will be 2-3 novellas on his story.  They are EXTREMELY intense.

*All books are 18+ Adult Dark Erotic Romance with mature content/sensitive subject matter. 


Chase wants revenge for the murder of his father. He intends to get it by breaking the killer’s daughter, Emma.

After being taken and trained, Emma doesn't know what to think or feel, whether to submit or fight. 

Both find more than what they were looking for, but will it be taken away from them?
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Book Description: 
My name is Chase. I have been watching and waiting for this day for over seven years. Since my father was murdered my life was surrounded by her. I took comfort in the fact that soon I would be able to make him hurt just as he has hurt me. I would be able to make him beg as I begged him all those years ago when he was standing behind my dad with a gun to his head. 

I was a young man then. I hadn't decided what I wanted to do with my life yet. I didn't know where I wanted to go, but I did want to go. I wanted to escape. But watching my father as he was murdered before my eyes changed everything. Now I am motivated by revenge. I was out to make him pay. He would pay through her. 

I would make her my slave. She would pay the sins that her father Michael James Lippman committed. She would bow to my will. She would do whatever I ask of her. I planned on using her until she was broken beyond repair. 

I planned on breaking her and then tossing her out to hurt him even more. To pour more salt in his wounds. What I hadn't planned on was falling irrevocably and madly in love with her. I hadn't planned on her changing everything, but she did. I found my escape; in her.  

All my life I wanted to belong. 
I wanted to get away from my drunken mother. 
And my asshole of a father. 
I've lived a privileged life, one that I've tried to hide from. 
All it has gotten me is heartache. 
I left on a trip to find myself. 
I was taken, blindfolded, beaten, and sold. 
My story doesn't end there. 
Now I belong. 
To him. 
He says he will own me, own my body, soul and mind. 
This is my story. It isn't a fairy tale. It's the fucked up mess of my life, and the man who owns me. He has demons of his own that he fights. He lives a privileged life but it wasn't always that way. He's been living in his own hell. And I've introduced him into mine. He says he's broken. I am the piece to his puzzle. The puzzle that is his life. 
I wont give up without a fight. I wont give in. 
I want my freedom, I want my life. 
What if I come to discover that what I've been searching for is him? He can heal my soul, fill me, break me and make me new again. He is my true Nightmare. I don't need to sleep to see him.

Also by Nikki Faye:

Master of Passion (Club Threshold Book 1) 
What happens when you put a battered and terrified woman on the run with a troubled and determined Master? A love story of a lifetime is born. 

Meet Layla... I could tell you that it all worked out. I could tell you that in the end I made peace with my life and the events that took place before that dreadful day. A day that in my dreams had been the happiest in my life. Our wedding day was the day Kevin, my love, my life, my friend, and my husband died. In him a monster was born. I could tell you that it wasn’t that bad, but that would be a lie. It was horrible. Every day I woke to new fears; and every night I was thankful for the few hours of peace from him. He made my life hell. I thought it was his mission. If I had only known what was really going on. That he was suffering from his own hell. He brought me into his, and changed me. I was no longer the innocent and naive Layla he married. I became a fighter, and for that I am thankful.
Kevin....  Layla had been the light of my life from the time I was a young man. She was the one person that kept me going. After I left my family, faked my death, and killed my brother Josh, I thought I would be free. I wasn’t. I was still haunted by him, my own father. The things he did… you wouldn’t want to know. Layla kept me centered. I thought if I could just see her one more time; if I could just hold her once more. Problem is when I left she was just a little girl, and now years later it has turned into an obsession. I want her, I want to mark her body with my pain, make her feel what I feel, so then we can feel together. It’s good she doesn’t remember me. I am going warp every one of her happily ever after fantasies. The girl never chooses the villain, but she will if she thinks I am the hero.
Josh...  Losing my brother had been the most painful event of my life, or so I thought. I didn’t count on her showing up. I figured she had disappeared along with our life from Sacramento. I hadn’t counted on seeing her again, the girl who has haunted my dreams all my life. The one thing I know I can’t have. I can’t be trusted. I made one wrong decision, and for that Jamie died. I killed my brother Jamie by not following my instincts; I stayed in the house a minute too long. He came back for me. He came to save me and he died. She will die too if I can’t save her. 

Taken (Taken #1)
Kevin took me from my life to make Layla pay. That morning when Master J found me I was beyond recognizable. I had survived a severe beating by the hands of Kevin, and his whip. Master J tried to fix me, but instead I broke him. How do two broken people that have everything weighing against them survive? I cant tell you the answer, I still don't know. I do know that was the day I began living. Before I was just existing, but with Jason I began living. 

Get All Three Titles in One!

And Coming this Fall...

Taken and Bound (Taken 2 and Sold 2) (October 2014)

Submitting to Him, My Master (Club Threshold #2) (October/November 2014)

Forever Sean (Releases immediately following Submitting to Him)

Plus a new series will begin in October. Here’s a teaser:  

Breaking All The Rules...With the President
The way his hazel eyes sear me, cut through every wall I've had. He shreds every thought of discovery. The question that's been plaguing me all this time is on the tip of my tongue.
"Don't ruin the moment Macy, just enjoy being here, with me. Feel me touching your back."

He leans in close, close enough for me to feel his erection demanding release from his pants.

"Feel my breath on your neck. Feel my kisses on your neck."

He begins to kiss and nibble my neck. His lips slowly travel to my collar bone. My nipples harden at the thought of his mouth suckling them. He's done this before, most likely with his wife. I tense up. He senses it.

"Don't Macy, just relax. Don't think." That's difficult for me until he slips his hand under my skirt. His hand feels amazing traveling up my leg. The anticipation of the act is making my heart beat like crazy.

He looks down at me. His smile, his panty wetting smile, it gets me every time. "Obey me Macy."

I have but one answer for him. "Yes Mr. President."  

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