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Valentine's Day 2015: Book Boyfriend Feature

It's Valentine's Day and this is romance book blog so I felt like I couldn't let the holiday pass without a post in tribute to the sexy, fantasy-inducing men we all love to read about.  So for this hearts and flowers holiday I considered, "What makes a perfect book boyfriend?" and "Who are some of the best book boyfriends out there to read about?"  The result was two lists—one of qualities (most likely not a complete list), one of fictional men that deserved the distinction (definitely not a complete list). If you've already had the pleasure of spending a few hours between the pages with these men, then you know why I gave them a shout-out. And if you've not, well then....allow me to play matchmaker! ;-)

(Click on the titles when mentioned to 1-click w/Amazon . For book review as well as additional buy links if available, see the "Review" links under each cover.)

#1 Review   #2 Review
Meet 36 year old Ignazio “Naz” Vitale. Somehow his name already screams confident and mysterious, of which he is both. He’s in the business of “dealing with people” and it’s probably best left at that.  A few days stubble on his face and black leather gloves on his strong hands never looked so sexy. He chooses his words carefully and when we first meet him in Monster in His Eyes he’s an intriguing riddle to sort out. Naz’s favorite movie is Twelve Angry Men, his favorite color is black. He enjoys travel and expensive cuisine (the non-poisoned kind). He has a distinctive brand of kink that may leave you gasping…for breath and from his stamina!

Fall in dangerously in love with Naz in Monster in His Eyes and Torture to Her Soul by J.M. Darhower.

All The Rocker Reviews
This boyfriend list has to have a panty dropping rocker and I can't think of one cooler than NikolasNik” Armstrong, thirty-something lead singer of Demon’s Wings. This sexy rock star will seduce you with his voice alone but I hear he’s also very talented with his teeth too. Tall and lean with ice blue eyes, Nik rocks the sweet and sexy. He’s a breast man who he prefers his woman on top. 

Rock hard with Nik in the kickoff to The Rocker...series by Terri Anne Browning, The Rocker Who Holds Me, or get his POV in The Rocker Who Holds Her. Plus find two bands worth of book boyfriends in this amazing series. 

Jaron Rose. What can I say, this total alpha male, bad boy is confident, mysterious, kinky, and hands down the king of dirty talk. He’ll fulfill all your dirty fantasies, create a few new ones, and leave you sore the next day. A hulking frame and blonde hair, Jaron indulges in the finer things in life. He also enjoys sky diving diving, bouldering, and volcano boarding…don’t ask, just read. And trust me that life with this man would never be boring. 

Take a dirty thrill ride with Jaron in Masquerade by Georgia Le Carre.

If you're looking for a man who has the stamina to go the extra mile, look no further than dashing Harrison Davies, British bad boy under-dog of the racing world. You'll be surprised with all the sweet moments this former playboy is capable of.  

Take a fast ride with Harrison in the Take Me series by Colleen Masters. 

#1 Review   #2 Review
Julian Esguerra is not for the faint of heart. He’s dark, mysterious, and possessive. But holy hell is he also hot! Most definitely check well endowed and kinky off the list on this one as this dangerous man is always in control and indulges in the BSDM. I would tell you more about Julian, but well he’s kinda off the radar and a little classified. So just trust me on this one and learn what you can in the pages of his books. 

Be captivated by Julian in Twist Me and Keep Me as well as Hold Me, coming later this year, by Anna Zaires.

Have you met Rule Archer, tattoo artist bad boy? Full of attitude and edge, Rule doesn’t let societal conventions and norms hold him back. He’s a unique guy with a color of the month Mohawk and a body full of tattoos and piercings.

Get acquainted with Rule and his motley crew in Rule from the A Maked Men series by Jay Crownover.

Ryke Meadows. 6’3. Strong. Athletic. Intense. He rides a motorcycle and he climbs big rocks. He also has a big rock;-) ...that he’s used in malls, parks, golf courses, fields, and tents to name just a few. Sexual adventures with this trust fund bad boy are sure to be limitless and fun. He speaks more than one language and his favorite word in all of them is f*ck.

Get addicted to Ryke in Hothouse Flower or any of the Addicted Series books by Krista and Becca Ritchey. Plus look for his next story, Long Way Down.

Meet Nick Regent, owner and operator of Regent Realty. His profession may not sound all that exciting in comparison to the rock star, race car driver, hired killers, and others on this list but trust me when I say there’s more to Nick’s business than meets the eye—that’s where the mysterious part comes in.   What does meet your eyes and make them flutter is the sight of 6’4, long dark hair, green eyes, gorgeous lashes Nick. He drives a motorcycle and is a former paratrooper. Oh an he can illicit an orgasm as easily as sneezing. Gesundheit

Hop a fairy dust filled plane to Tahiti with Nick in Paradise (Girl Friday) by Tess Oliver.

While Nick Regent might have a little pirate problem, Atticus Grimes or Professor Grimes loves pirates—that his research focus. Meet this confident, sexy, tattooed 28 year old history professor. Forget memorizing dates and historical figures, it’s time to study student-professor love.  

Sign up for Atticus's class in This Love by Nazarea Andrews. 

Luke “Lukey” Summers is one hot and adorably cute fitness instructor/trainer with blonde hair and dimples. He’s horny to the hilt and hilariously funny with his dirty talk. Don’t be surprised if he does you by surprise in the kitchen and then offers to make you tea afterwards. He’s just a sweet and sexy guy like that. He also enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and sex in the snow. 

Enjoy any sexy season with Luke in Sexy Summers by Dani Lovell. 

The last book boyfriend comes as a fun new addition to the book world. He just slipped between my pages this week and so if you haven’t met him, I’d like to introduce you to him. Caulter Sterling with his tattoos and piercings is bit of a bored, spoiled rich boy. He’s confident (read arrogant) and well endowed. He’d probably enjoy hanging out with Rule Archer, and this 18 year old horny boy already excels at dirty talk so much that I started to wonder if he was secretly Jaron Rose's son.

You can find Caulter’s witty and inadvertently funny musings in the book by his other name—Prick by Sabrina Paige  

This is obviously just a small sampling of the lust-worthy men of the literary world. I could include a ton more but for one reason or another I felt these fictional men deserved a little attention this holiday, and really I was pressed for time to add more. lol  In fact (*glancing at watch*) I have a date with a man on my Kindle right now. Maybe next year I'll tell you who he is. ;-)

So what qualities do you think make an amazing book boyfriend? Aside from smart and sexy (two must haves), surely the following also helps seal the deal. The proof is in the pages...
**Some "qualities" may be Rated R ;-) 18+ Reader Discretion is advised.**
ü  Confident
“‘Every theory you’ve ever f*cking had about men, I’m going to prove wrong.” —Ryke (HF)
 ü Funny
“‘Don’t what, Princess?...You’re the one who’s rubbing up against my cock like it’s a magic lamp.’” —Caulter (Prick)
ü Sweet
“‘I was carving my name into your heart.’” — Jaron (Masquerade)
“‘I kissed you tonight because I want your lips to only touch mine. From now until forever. That’s the f*cking truth.’” —Ryke (HF)
ü Dirty Talking
“‘Never been this hard before, baby. Never! All for you…’” —Nik (TRWHM)
“‘I have a word problem for you…If Naz forgoes sleep, and Karissa gets naked, how many orgasms can he giver her before sun up?’” —Naz (Monster)
 ü Well endowed  (I went straight to the women who love them for this research)
“He was completely naked, and the long, broad length of him stretched just past his belly button.” —Emmie about Nik (TRWHM)
“I could stand it no longer. I reach frantically for the button on his pants and pulled them open, releasing his thick erection from its denim trap.” —Jayden about Nick (Paradise)
And to the men themselves:
“‘I’m working hard to ruin you. After me, baby, all other men are going to be like shoving pencils in your vagina.’” —Jaron (Masquerade)
 ü Kinky
“‘That’s it, sweetheart…Fight me before I f*ck you to death.’” —Naz(Monster)
And last but certainly not least....
ü  Faithful

Here's the real swoon-worthy thing about them: Once they find their one, they only have eyes for that woman. So unless you're Karissa, Emmie, Billie, Sienna, Nora, Shaw, Daisy, Jayden, Avery, Tillie, or Kate you wouldn't stand a chance. And that's how it should be.

So sorry girls, their heart belongs to someone else. But you can have them for a one night fictional fling anytime you want when you one click their amazing stories. Happy Reading, Happy Daydreaming, and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

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